Guest Blogger on Black Box Warnings

I had the absolute honor to be featured on the well known blog, Black Box Warnings

Being a Mother not like my Mother

When Le Clown asked me to do a guest blog there, I didn’t know what to write about. I had so many issues, yet I felt that alot of my issues were nothing compared to the things that some of the other guest bloggers have posted about. So, that familiar feeling of inadequacy came rearing its ugly head.

I tossed around blogging about my loneliness, or my failed marriage, or my life as a single mother. It was the last one that made me think “ok, I will use the fact that I’m a mother somewhere in there because it’s changed my life entirely”

Then I thought of my own mother. I thought of the turmoil of emotions I feel with and about her and have felt my whole life. How much I love her and how much she frustrates me to no end.

I chose to write about how my  mother influenced my own way of mothering.  And it may not be in the way that you think.

Anyway, have a look and be sure to read some of the other posts to. Some of the people who blog  there are very brave and strong to have survived some of the things they have. They are a great group of people.


5 thoughts on “Guest Blogger on Black Box Warnings

  1. very honest, powerful and moving. it could very easily have been that you turned out like your mom but you could see the things she couldn’t and still doesn’t. it really says a lot that you have worked hard to break such an ugly cycle – a true testament to your character. im sorry you had to go through that; im sorry she had to go through it and im really sorry she didn’t learn the lesson you did. if it ever comes back to haunt her, it’ll be too late. i applaud your strength and wish you the best moving forward. 🙂 sounds to me like you’re a great mom.

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