Sore Throat, Loose Pants and the One “A”


Yes, King of the North, perhaps you have

I’m still recovering over the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Unbelievable…..

Anyway, just before going to bed on Sunday night, I noticed that it was difficult to swallow. Like every time I did swallow, it’s like there was this knot in the way that got pushed over. It’s been that way since Sunday night. Just very hard to swallow. I’m guessing I have a very sore and inflamed throat but if it doesn’t go away, I might have it checked. I avoid the doctor or the ER or Urgent Care at all costs because every time I visit, it ends with them finding something wrong and I just don’t have time for anything wrong.

In other news, I FINALLY put on one of my tighter pairs of pants after they had been washed and what do you know, they are actually looser. Usually, after I put on pants that have just been washed they are super tight. But they were not as tight as I remember and I wasn’t getting “belt” marks around my belly from the waist being so tight. Small accomplishments.

I finally got a look at The Boy’s report card. His last day of school was last Thursday and he brought home is report card that day but it was buried under all kinds of arts and crafts that I had to dig for it. I finally did that and had a look. Some back story, he’s been struggling with his grades since 1st grade (there is a BIG story behind his 1st Grade nightmare at a particular Private Christian School…maybe another post).  He just can’t focus and gets distracted easily (I was that way to as a child). 

However, he’s in an awesome school and they provided him separate speech and reading sessions this year. So, his final grades for his 3rd grade year were ok but better than in the past. All C’s except a D in Math (ok gotta work on that a little more next year, was concentrating on reading and spelling).Grumpy-cat_-good

Then the big surprise…an “A” in Science…mkay, I guess I know what HIS favorite subject is. I know he likes anything space and rocks and how the earth works.  He likes it enough to get the one “A” on his report card of “C”s.

So I’m ok with the “C”s.  Especially, when I see he does have an isolated talent, which is Science.


6 thoughts on “Sore Throat, Loose Pants and the One “A”

  1. The funny thing is science is probably one of the more difficult subjects meaning that if he was as “into” the other subjects as he is science, he’d probably get A’s in those classes too. The world needs more scientists so go boy go!

    • Interesting. I actually think he will be doing better next year. He has actually taken a sudden interest in reading lately. He wants to read Hugo and picked it out at the Barnes and Noble last night. The big book, hard cover. He was reading it and got up to page 73. Of course, every other page is a illustration but he is reading, that is all that matters to me. So yeah, I’m hopeful for his academic future.

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  3. awesome! sometimes its the small steps in anything. once he feels accomplished in one area, the rest will pick up -maybe never as much as the one topic he loves, but hey it’s all good. congrats to him on grades and to you for continued progress. 🙂

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