Weekly Weigh In – So now the “looks” begin….

These are different looks. Usually, I’m getting looks from people’s faces that say “Wow she really should be wearing a Moo Moo“.

But these looks are different. They are more of shocked looks yet, they are not insultive looks.

These are looks from people’s faces that say “whoa wait…didn’t she have A LOT more going on in the hip area?!?”

As I walk down the hallways of my office, I pass by offices and people who I’ve been passing by for the past year. I notice these looks I describe above on faces I’ve recognized for a year. It’s a bit refreshing and I find it intriguing that not a word has to be said. It’s all in their faces. It kinda makes me re-think how much care I should start putting into my facial reactions to situations. Nonetheless, I look forward to even more profound looks as the numbers keep going down.

Anyway, onto today’s weigh in……I’m not to happy with it this week. I’m thinking it’s because either:

A) I’m at a plateau, although I can’t say it’s a plateau until it happens over the course of a few weeks.


B) I need to start moving more. I will admit last week I didn’t do much of anything along the ways of exercise. I did the treadmill once and was kinda lazy.

Also, I did have some “Congratulations on 1 Year!” cake that my co-workers got me for reaching my 1 year anniversary at this office. However, I pretty much only ate the strawberry filling and took 2 bites of the cake and threw the rest out.  And I did eat the tortilla on the McWrap I had last night……

However, I do know that my portions are pretty much half if not 3/4’s of what they used to be. I have never pushed away extra food or a half eaten plate as much as I have in the past 4 weeks! It’s like I get nauseated just thinking about over eating, a problem I’ve had for as long as I can remember.

So, after a steady 3 lb loss in the past 3 weeks….it’s starting to slow down. Well today it did, but honestly, I think something was wrong with the scale that they used.  It had to be adjusted a few times and wouldn’t go to zero until a few buttons were pushed.

Regardless, clothing is beginning to fit looser and people are starting to notice.

Today’s results:

 1 more lb down!

Total : 14 lb lost in 5 weeks! 


7 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In – So now the “looks” begin….

  1. Congratulations! I know how hard it is — doing the weight loss thing myself, right now. Eating lots of salad and trying to get some walking in every day. And drinking LOTS of water. It’s good for me, yeah, but sometimes it’s tough to get all of that water down. I’ve been using those little packets of sugar-free flavoring, and that helps. Lemon or orange slices work, too. Keep on keepin’ on, girlie! Fourteen lbs is nothing to sneeze at! 😉

  2. And by the way, your photography is wonderful. 😉
    I wanted to post comments on your photo blog, but I didn’t see any way to do it. Keep it up!

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