L.A. to Paris

A friend of mine that I know from a Disney forum took some photos from Paris, where she is right now. They are so good! I want to go to Paris some day…maybe…

Dizzy Dialogue

Hello from Rabat!

Well, I’m here and semi-settled into my new home.  I say “semi” because the room that is mine right now is only mine for 2 weeks until the other girl who is staying with my host family leaves Morocco, at which point I will move into her room. 

The flight from LAX to CDG was amazingly good.  Air France is really not a bad airline, even if the aisles are so narrow I had to turn sideways to get through them.

So as we were about to take off, personnel came to our row and asked the gentleman in the window seat for his boarding pass…they then proceeded to escort him off the plane.  Don’t know what that was about, but since I’m big and the guy in the middle seat was also big we didn’t complain about having the row to ourselves – point one for…

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