Office Space much??

I can officially put today down as one of the crappier days of my life.

First, I found out we are hiring another paralegal. No biggie, I’m just a lowly secretary even if I can do the paralegal work but just don’t have the piece of paper with my name on it that says that I can.  However, I realized how “lowly” I was when I was told that when this paralegal is hired, they will take the current office that I’m in now which has a door and a window to look outside.

And what will I be moved into?  Well, that means that I will be shoved into a small cubicle a quarter of the size of that office and forgo the door, the window and a whole lot of privacy.  No more lunches with the office door closed.  I will have to leave the office (which I don’t like doing in this heat) for lunch or I will be interrupted during lunch a lot.

Then just after finding that out, I get a call from my sister.  She was laid off from her job this morning after almost 6 years working there.  She was expecting it and it put my office debacle into perspective but it didn’t make me feel better.  At least I still have my job.  Although, I’m not entirely sure how long that will be because I would think that being told I have to move from an office like this:


To a cubicle like this (not even this big): imagesCAPQEXLQ

 I would consider that a demotion from those standards.

*Note: the above pictures are not the actual photos of my working environment…but they are very close.

And I wonder about whether they are just preparing me for something to come.  And if that something were to come, my life would be over. I refuse to move back in with my parents and actually can’t now that my step-grandmother is moving in with them and now that my sister is out of a job, I couldn’t move in with her. There would be no way I could afford my $1,250 a month rent on any other pay I’ve seen being offered in these parts and being that I get a discount on my rent through my employer, that rent would go up to close to $1,400 for my 2 bedroom apartment.

I guess I shouldn’t complain really. Until that “something” happens, at least I still have a job.

I will say that I felt very much like Milton Waddams.



24 thoughts on “Office Space much??

  1. That does sound like a crappy day! I hate to hear about folks losing their jobs. And good lord, woman, where are you that rent is so high?!! My “office” is the break room so I feel real special.

        • Yup. My sister owns a 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bathroom condo, two story and she pays $1000 less on her mortgage payment than my rent.

          Basically my apartment is 755 square feet, 2bed/1bath, about $1315 a month. All utilities paid by the renter and the sewer/water/trash is piggy backed onto the monthly rent so the rent goes up to about $1370 a month. Electric, Gas and Internet/Phone/Cable all paid for by the renter. I had to pay a $600 deposit and an additional $200 just to reserve the place and if pets are owned the deposit for pets is an additional $400-$800 depending on the pet and monthly rent goes up another $40, making the grand total rent roughly around $1400. I get a discount through my employer so I don’t pay that much but if I lost that discount, I would not be able to foot that kind of rent. And the only reason I chose this area, although all the apartments around here are about that much, is that the school district in this city is decent enough.

          California, the rip off state.

    • LOL Southern California. You and Don had the same question…I thought everyone knew that California is where everything is 3 times more expensive than anywhere else and you get 3 times less of the worth than anywhere else.

        • Ah. Ohio. I have a sister in Montana. I’m thinking I want to end up on the East Coast though, maybe Maryland, not sure. All I know is that some day I will leave this crappy state to let it get taken over by the illegals.

        • It is, but when they start to take over even places like Disneyland….I have to throw in the towel and say “I’m done!” That is one of the reasons I’m not renewing my Disneyland Annual Pass in August. Way to many illegals going there, more than back in 2004 when I first got my pass.

          You know something isn’t right when you step inside Disneyland and so many people there speak spanish that you think you’ve entered some carnival in the middle of Mexico.

          BTW, I’m Mexican myself.

        • Oh I know you weren’t…I was *kinda* putting that out there for anyone who may stumble upon this conversation. So many times, I’ve said things like this and been called racist then I answer them back in Spanish and get the “WTF?” response. It’s comical really.

          What I find the MOST amusing is going to a fast food joint or maybe somewhere in a mall here and then having the people behind the counters comment to each other, in Spanish, about my looks or weight or something like that. Then I look straight at them, and give them my order in Spanish. The different shades of red they turn is fantastic!

        • Nice. I used to know Spanish. At least, the high school version of it. Then I had no one to talk to in Spanish so it all fell out of my head.

  2. dang chick that sucks 😦 well – if that’s how you feel if at all possible start to plan for the “future” just a bit i suppose; pocketing away a lil money here and there and hopefully you’ll have a lil cushion just in case something should happen (just a thought). i hope it doesn’t that’s for sure. and as for poor milton – love that movie! cubicles are the worst ugh. hopefully they won’t also take your red stapler 🙂

      • oh no bueno 😦 well then definitely creating a lil cushion would be good i’d think. i’ll be praying it won’t become necessary and instead that cushion could be used as a trip instead 😀

    • It’s so funny, everyone is telling me not to go pyro. Ha! I don’t like fires, hence I wouldn’t create them.
      But up until he burned down the office, yeah, I kinda felt like Milton being tossed down to Storage B and asked to get a can of pesticide to work on the roach problem!

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