Some days are a rollercoaster of emotions

Today is starting out to be one of them.


I had to get up an hour early to drop my kid off at his Summer Camp early because they are heading out to the California Science Center to see the Space Shuttle and an IMAX movie.  I pay $480 a month to this summer camp for trips like this for him.  He has also been to play Laser tag , will be going to Knotts Berry Farm, will go to see Monster’s University (before me!), will go to an animal and sawmill farm, a Zoo, a locate big Aquarium and bowling.

Maybe I’m a bit jealous to. I get to go to work. Ha! I would give anything to be a kid again.


Since I was up early, I decided to stop at the Starbucks by my work and treat myself to a Bold Blend with an extra shot (yum).  On the drive towards my office and the Starbucks near it, I passed two other Starbucks but told myself “no I will go to the one closest to my office so I’m not rushed just in case the line takes long”…..

Well what do you know, the Starbucks by my office is “closed for renovations”



*sigh* The ironic thing was that I passed the two Starbucks on the way to the Starbucks by my work. I could have stopped at either of those, had I known this one would have been closed.

So I settled for no coffee but a egg white McMuffin from McDonalds…blegh.  I bought a yogurt parfait from there to (about the only thing I can handle at McDonald’s) and will save that for lunch. (*Edit: I will save the yogurt for dinner and had a protein bar for lunch. ** Double Edit: I will save that yogurt parfait for breakfast tomorrow, I ate the meat from the In N Out Cheeseburger my kid didn’t eat. Yeah, that was my dinner)

But I should have just skipped breakfast rather than eat that McMuffin. It was McNasty.


Then I get into work, start on my documents, then see on my Twitter feed on my phone that there is an interesting discussing being made at the Disney Forum that I frequent. It’s about someone wanting to cancel their wedding plans at Disneyland because this person felt that Disney did not advertise the Iron Man Exhibit that is being held at Innovations in Disneyland as authentic Iron Man suits.

I read the whole thing and it is laughable at how dumb some people can be.  Go read it if you want but basically this person is mad that the Iron Man Exhibit was advertised in the Disney Blog  as the “authentic suits worn in the movie”.

In fact, the blog does not say, nor does any Disney promotion of this exhibit state that the suits were WORN by anyone.

Here is what the blog does say:

“Attention Iron Man fans! To celebrate the upcoming release of “Iron Man 3,” opening in theaters May 3, an exciting new exhibit is coming to Innoventions at Disneyland park in California – featuring actual set pieces from the film!
Beginning April 13, Iron Man Tech Presented by Stark Industries will give Disneyland park guests the chance to see Tony Stark’s Hall of Armor, featuring Iron Man suits Mark I-VII – the same suits featured in “Iron Man 3.” And you will even be able to virtually “suit up,” yourself! Through simulation technology, guests will be able to see what it’s like to operate the latest pieces of the Mark 42 Iron Man armor, even getting the chance to test out its infamous repulsor blasts.”

The original poster of that thread is complaining because he wanted to see suits that Robert Downey Jr. wore.  He was wanting an explanation from some sort of Disney official as to why the promotion for this exhibit was a lie. He wanted to see the suits “worn” in the movie.

Think about that folks….the suits that Mr. Downey Jr. WORE…..think….hard….

Uh…the suits he “wore” were CGI!

CGI folks! That means NOT REAL and that most of the “suits” that Robert was “wearing” in the film were CGI. Computerized animation…..meaning that the animation will not be displayed as an exhibit at Disneyland because they are NOT REAL.

Happy Bunny, has something to say to the person who started that thread complaining that the exhibit did not exhibit computer generated suits from the film……


Yes, yes it does.

What gets me is that this person REALLY does not believe that Iron Man is a CGI film. Or at least it seems like he thinks it isn’t CGI since he was disappointed in not seeing the suit that Tony Stark was wearing.

I posted the below in that thread and used visual aids to help this poor lost soul…

I just thought that pointing out that the actual suits you see Robert Downey Jr “wear” on the movie screen are CGI:

Gif photo from

Now, I know the above is from the 2nd movie but it is to prove my point.

Also, here is Mr. Downey Jr. in the “suit”


photo from

The above, then gets animated to turn into this:

photo from

I know that the main crux of this thread is to point out the wording or lack of, in the Disney Blog’s promotion.  

The Iron Man Exhibit suits were probably used in a scene like the one pictured below:

Name:  2012-06-04-ironman3.jpg<br />Views: 160<br />Size:  187.3 KB

While I do understand your disappointment, it should be noted, as many others have, that Disney was not being deceitful here. As pointed out above, these were most likely props used in the film (like photo above) and being that it was never stated that the “suits” were worn by anyone, that would be true being that most of the “suits” were CGI (see photos above).

As the Disney blog says, the Exhibit is displaying SET PIECES from the film.  No where does it say that Robert Downey Jr. wore these suits because he didn’t wear them.  The suits on display were more than likely Props used in the Tony Stark’s work room in the movie like the picture above.

Yet, this person wants to cancel their wedding AT the Disneyland resort because, to him, Disney did not provide Pixie Dust and make the CGI computer animated Iron Man suits come to life in front of his eyes.  Hence, they will not provide the Pixie Dust and Fairies needed to make his wedding brilliant and spectacular.

I’ve actually attended a Disney wedding and let me tell you, it was beyond spectacular and I wasn’t even the bride.  But the bride, who was my cousin, did tell me that she was amazed at how perfect everything was.

But I’m sure she was mad about there not being CGI animation of Mickey and Minnie at her wedding, even if they did show up in costume. <—-sarcasm

Seriously, some humans just lower the IQ of the whole planet when they make their thoughts known.

That was my highlight and comedy for the day.  That someone, an adult no less, thinks that Disneyland had the CGI suits on display for them to enjoy.  Maybe he also thought that Pixie Dust would make him fly and probably get mad when he went to the Dumbo ride expecting REAL elephants to be taking him for a flight but only saw plastic fake elephants turning in circles.


My lovely apartment complex wants to charge me a $50 “administrative” fee for two Electric bills that were sent to and paid by them because the dumb Electric Company did not start service on the day of my move in, as I had set it up to start.

The amounts that I owed on these two bills were $1.45 and $7.81.

Yes you are reading that right they want to charge me $25 for a $1.45 bill and $25 for a $7.81 bill.

Do those numbers seem lopsided to you?

I am just going to leave it at that because I will probably end up paying it just because I’m really tired of dealing with them. What is sad and a little ironic is that I work for the company that owns the apartment community I live in.  Not that I think that should make a difference, I guess.  But lately, especially after how hard this move from one unit to another in the same complex was, I’ve been getting really agitated and annoyed by the rules and regulations and fees for this apartment I pay $1,220 a month for.


I look forward to a trip out to Disneyland on Friday afternoon/night after almost 2 months away. I had to stay away from the Grad Night teen crazies.


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