Man of Steel, buy me a Disneyland Annual Pass?


Pretty Please?!?!

Well, don’t I wish.  And don’t I wish I could take Henry Cavill with me to Disneyland.

But alas, I can not.  What I will be doing is seeing Man of Steel tonight.  Hopefully, because sometimes, I plan things like this and they come to not because something goes wrong somewhere.  It is getting pretty decent reviews and I look forward to it.  The reviews for it on the Kid Review sites are giving it a B+ or higher for it being ok for The Boy, but I took him to see Iron Man 3 so I’m not to worried.  He really liked that one.

What I am sad about is the fact that my Disneyland Annual Passes are coming up to their expiration date in Mid-August.  I will not be renewing.

There are many reasons why, but the main reason is that I just do not enjoy that place as much as I used to.  The Cast Members either don’t know the stations they are working at or are so rude.  That is something I’ve been noticing for a while. Then there was when this happened.  That was probably the start of my angst for Disney customer service.

Then there are the crowds.  Granted, this is nothing Disney can help however, I believe these crowds are there because of the dumb monthly payment plan.  I will admit I use it, but I will have NO problem with it being gone for good.  I can budget the money it takes each year to buy and/or renew passes.

Of course, the prices are sky high now.  Disney just recently raised their prices all across the board.  The annual passes that I currently have will run about $1200 for both myself and The Boy.

But the main thing that tears me away from wanting to renew is tied in with the crowds and that they are there because of the monthly payment plan.  I’m gonna say it, because this is my blog and I can but, there are WAY to many illegals going Disneyland.  I swear sometimes, if I close my eyes and stand at Main Street, it sounds like I’m at a Carnival in the middle of Mexico with all the Spanish that is being spoken.  If Disney would just do away with the monthly plan that would chase the illegals away who only use the “monthly” payment plan to pay for a month, go a bunch of times along with their brood, and then close their accounts or stop paying.

I will admit, the preceding may seem judgemental, even racist, but I assure you, as a woman of Mexican ethnicity, I am sick and tired of these illegals taking over California and would have no problem with the closing of the borders and sending non-citizens back to the country they came from.

I can say that because both my paternal and maternal grandparents came from Mexico but never asked for handouts or free schooling.  They took the steps to become citizens, got jobs and worked to earn for their families and buy their properties.  Never did they go on welfare or ask California to pay their way.  They also all learned English.

So, Disneyland AP’s will not be renewed.  I could possibly renew them at a later date, but I doubt it.  What with Harry Potter starting to be built at Universal Studios, I may start sending my money there.


2 thoughts on “Man of Steel, buy me a Disneyland Annual Pass?

  1. I’ve only been to Disney out in Cali once….but have been to Disney World in Florida so many times that I’ve lost count…..when i was younger I used to love it but somewhere between the 15th and 19th visits I remember standing there thinking, “i would rather have spent my money on a trip to another country than be here”

    as to the illegals…..

    I’m kinda in the middle on the illegal immigrant issue. I see both sides and I wish there was some kind of common ground or compromise everyone could come to.

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