Weekly Weigh In – One thing is starting to concern me…

I am noticing one thing that is starting to be a bit of a concern for me. (maybe TMI ahead)

My stomach. It’s beginning to look like this:

This is not a picture of my stomach but mine is developing this pouch thing circled above.

This is not a picture of my stomach but mine is developing this pouch thing circled above.

What is happening is my upper abs are shrinking but the lower part of my stomach is starting to “flap” over.  It reminds me of a Gastric Bypass patient who has lost a lot of weight super fast and their skin just hangs.  It isn’t happening anywhere else.  My arms are actually forming nicely and my face is much less round and puffy. 

I can only guess this is because I had a lot more weight to lose.  I know that just after I had my son 9 years ago, I went on Jenny Craig and lost about 30 lbs.  However, 9 years ago, I started Jenny Craig needing to lose about 30 lbs less than what I started at this time around.  That is probably what is causing the serious skin flap going on.

And I had a C-Section when I gave birth.  I know that contributes to a lot of the flap.  Being pregnant and giving birth messes up everything about the stomach skin and texture.  I fear I will never see the stomach I used to have so many years ago.  It’s just another part of my youth that I mourn and bury into the ground.

It’s awful and I don’t like it so I have introduced stomach exercises into my 30 minute power walking routine.  Hopefully, that will make it not so flabby.  I have also started rubbing Palmer’s Cocoa Butter to smooth out the stretch marks.

I have also gotten some questions on what medical program I am following.  It is called Medislim Wellness.  It is owned by a doctor and all the workers are nurses or Physician Assistants.  I am given Phentermine, the appetite suppressants on a weekly basis, taking once a day.

Below is a scan of the flyers that were given to me on my first day. 



The two shown above explains what my diet should be along with meal suggestions.  Notice that carbs are under the “What you CAN NOT eat” along with no sugar (duh), breads, pasta, rice and fruit. However, I have been eating fruit and enjoying Jamba Juice for lunch on occasion.  I know my body and I’m pretty sure a Jamba Juice is better than a Jumbo Jack with bacon and large fries.  It also says no chewing gum….I’m a chewer, won’t be giving that up. Vegetables are also limited but I haven’t been skipping veggies either. Steamed broccoli for the win!


Onto the Weight Loss Injections sheet shown above.  These are an explanation of the Vitamin Injections I get weekly. So far, I’m on the program for the 4 B-6 injections, which I have injected in the belly area and the 1 B-12, which is always injected into the upper arm. 

Not included in the package I paid for but I get on the side and pay extra for is the Lipo-MIC  injection which is #1 under Lipotronics on the sheet shown above.  I have yet to get the injections numbered 2, 3, and 4 on the sheet above.


Above is the prices for the different packages and injections.  I have three more weeks on my current package which is the Gold Package.  After that, I will be getting the top package, the Platinum Plus Package which the 4 B-6 injections plus the Lip-Combo injection which includes:

–Lipo-MIC (so I don’t have to pay for it separately anymore) which is the combination of the 3 amino acids (Methioine, Inositol and Choline) to help liver function and;

–The vitamins: B-12, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Vitamin C, and Niacin.

 Also, the full amount for these packages are not due right away.  They divide amount by two and you pay at two different visits.

Anyway, so what were today’s results??

 1 more lb down!

Total: 20 lbs lost in 7 weeks! 

LilySlim Weight charts

Only l pound today but I did weigh in a day early.  I’m not going to be in the area tomorrow (Friday) which is my normal weigh in day.  Also, it’s THAT time of the month.  And, I didn’t work out this week as much as I did last week.  So I give the low loss this week (compared to 5 lbs last week) on weighing in a day early, not moving as much and bloat.

I will be going to the Good Will very soon to purchase some new “transition” jeans, as I call them.  I prefer to get clothes at the Good Will when I’m changing sizes and know I won’t stay in the size I’m buying.  The jeans I’m wearing right now are a size 18 but they will no longer stay on me and I don’t have to unzip them to be able to remove them.  I’m guessing I’m closer to a 16 now and *maybe* I could squeeze myself into a 14 and hang onto those until they fit comfortably.  I can’t wait to get some skinny jeans!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In – One thing is starting to concern me…

  1. I have that weird cesarean ‘smile’ that creates a flap. There’s not much you can do except have it cut off or wear magic Bridget jones knickers (I could house a small family in my pants!)

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