I think the curse is broken, Superman will live


Lois: “What does the “S” stand for

Superman: It’s not an “S”. It’s the symbol of my family

Lois: “Hmm…well here on Earth….It’s an “S”

Before I go any further, let me put out this:

*Warning:  the following may contain spoilers if you have not yet seen the movie, please proceed with caution but I will try my best not to give to much away.

It has been a long time since I’ve sat in a movie theater with my jaw agape at what I was seeing.

Wednesday night, I took The Boy to go see Man of Steel.  Needless to say, he thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, he is not to completely familiar with the storyline of Superman and the Christopher Reeve movies.  He is more into Iron Man and the new Super Heroes.  So he did not quite understand why I squee’d at a lot of the hidden references throughout the movie, especially during the fighting scenes.  There were also plenty of references to the Smallville series with Tom Welling as well.

I believe that this script paid A LOT of attention to the back story of the Planet Krypton and why Superman was weak in reference to the planet’s rock.  I think I will leave it at that as I’m sure someone is reading this who hasn’t seen it yet, despite my warning above.

Also, there were many twists on the original story that actually worked rather well in a 2013 CGI filled rendition of Superman.

There was a type of “Fortress of Solitude” where he encounters his father Jor-El, out in the snow and ice.

He is introduced to the ship he landed on Earth in.  The technology from the ship and the fact that 2013 can produce CGI to portray this technology was pretty spot on.

They gave Superman all his original abilities, except I didn’t see super breath.  All the others, he adapted slowly as the film went on but he had them all.

General Zod was BRILLIANTLY played by Michael Shannon and I mean he did some of the best acting in the movie.


Although I will always love Terence Stamp (“KNEEL BEFORE ZOD!”).


The rest of the cast was great, except one (more on that below).

man of steel general zod

“Welcome General Zod. Here is New York City for you to pummel and destroy at your whim. Enjoy your stay!”


Run Perry, run!

But poor New York City!  It had JUST recovered from Loki’s attack on it last May!  (yes, I was in line to see The Avengers to).  Now, it is pummeled by alien ships and fire and brimstone yet again!  Meaning LOTS of skyscrapers and buildings falling down at the end of this movie. And I mean L-O-T-S.

I do have to say that it was a *little* bit weird to see something fly fast into a New York City skyscraper (911 anyone?).  But I wasn’t offended by it.  It actually caused more emotions to stir for the movie.

Oh and Smallville, Kansas pretty much gets flattened to.


Citizens of Smallville, your Main Street will now be abolished in 3…2…1

But be sure to keep your eyes open, during the New York City scenes for a few references to Lex Corp.  Think gas truck and atop a sky scraper.

There were a few things I didn’t like:

1. It was really slow for the first 1 1/2 hours. I would say that it didn’t start to get some action until about the last 30 or 45 minutes of the movie.  However, I do not really discount it for that.  There was a lot of explaining to do and the flash back sequences to Clark’s childhood and coming into his powers and explanations of WHY he had these powers, were very much needed to make it work.

2. Lois Lane, not the character, Amy Adams.  She was awful.  I don’t know if it’s because I don’t know if I like Amy Adams or the script for Man of Steel’s Lois was lacking or something as simple as, uh…Lois is a BRUNETTE!  But I just didn’t think that Amy Adams pulled it off.

3. I also didn’t like the way they killed off Jonathan Kent.  I don’t think that is a spoiler since anyone who knows the storyline or has seen Superman The Movie (1978)  knows that Jonathan Kent dies although in the 1978 movie, he dies of a heart attack.  In Man of Steel, Jonathan Kent dies differently and not in a way that I don’t think was executed wonderfully and certainly moved me to tears.  I just think they should have stuck with the heart attack as I would think it would have more emotional and/or intimate appeal.  Although, the way he died did tie in with the storyline of the movie.  I will just leave it at that.

Overall, it was very well done.  As a long time Superman fan (I was 2 years old when my parents took me to Superman The Movie in the theaters,) I’m very pleased.  Superman is my favorite superhero and I’m glad to finally see it done well.

What is this curse I speak of in the title?

The Superman Curse – read it…it’s interesting.  I shall keep an eye on Henry Cavill and the rest of the cast.

Ba Dum TssshhhFinally, on a side note, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug comes out December  13th.  I believe Smaug (which is the name of the Dragon in this movie, voiced by the most beautiful and decadent Benedict Cumberbatch) sounds a bit like “smog”.  That kind of made me giggle when I realized it because smog or smoke would come out of a dragon when he blew fire. Right?

OrlyMy favorite Elf returns to the series.  I just about peed my pants in the theater.  Not only because I do love me some Orlando Bloom but because Legolas was mine and my best friends favorite character when the series first came out in 2001.  That character, and not just Orlando, is special to me.

But WOW do I have a crush on some Dwarf hunks!Dwarf I enjoyed all the dwarves in An Unexpected Journey.  Great characters.  And Evangeline Lilly doesn’t look half bad as the new Elven character, Tauriel.  Even if she does look like a female Link from the Legend of Zelda games in this photo.

Evangiline Lilly

So there, I have outted myself as a hidden nerdy fangirl.  Yes, I would prefer a super hero or fantasy movie over anything else for entertainment.  That is who I am!

Next movie on my list to see is The Lone Ranger.  It’s a Disney movie.  I also have deep loyalties to Disney to.


7 thoughts on “I think the curse is broken, Superman will live

  1. I didn’t like it… Really disappointed overall… I thought they were building into a huge storyline that the could carry through 2 or 3 movies… Instead it felt like Michael Bay came in halfway through the movie and said “F-you” Nolan and your storyline I’m just gonna blowing stuff up for no reason. I feel like the sold out the storyline to blow things up at the end. It was like watching The Dark Knight then someone slipping in Transformers half way through.

    This is coming from someone who loves superman. The guy is alien from another plant.. I’m from another country… He was adopted by a family … I’m adopted… Love the superman storyline… They could have done more.

    • I do think that other movies are in the future. And I agree a bulk of the first part of the movie was slow but there was a method to the madness. As for blowing stuff up, I don’t think any superhero movie is complete unless a major U.S. metropolis is flattened.
      I understand where you are coming from though and for the most part I agree with a lot of what you say but I was more impressed than disappointed.

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