My youth…is dying

I knew that THIS post was happening for a reason.

Along with my Best Friend, there was another friend who was part of our circle.

I just found out last night, that my other friend, just passed away last week from breast cancer.   She was 38.  She left behind a husband and 6 year old daughter.

These two friends of mine, shared an apartment together when we were younger.  I would always go over there to visit them.  They both hosted my Bachelorette Party and helped me make my wedding favors.

They are now both dead.

As the title states, I feel like my youth is dying…. and I suddenly fear I’m next.

Oh Lord help me.


12 thoughts on “My youth…is dying

    • We are NOT that old. I’m only 36 for corn’s sake! What gets me is that my two friends lived relatively healthy active lives. No smoking or drinking excessively…yet my ex husband, who is an alcoholic and chain smoker and a general overall person without an ounce of humanity gets a clean bill of health every year. My two friends were the sweetest most generous people alive.

      Sometimes, I wonder about God’s so called Plan.

      • I know. I don’t think 43 is that old either (when perspective) but I always thought of the 50s and 60s as the ages when your friends started dying off from disease.
        And it doesn’t ever make sense. One of my dear friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and she is one of the fittest, healthiest, most clean living people I know. Where’s the justice in that? Or my husband’s coworker, who died three days before Christmas. He was a non-drinker, non-smoker, always happy kinda guy. He died of a pulmonary embolism because he had a knee injury that put him on the couch for about a month. He was 31.
        Sometimes life makes no sense and just makes no good goddamn sense.

  1. I’m so sorry, Claudia. It’s always such a shock when we find out that people our age have died from cancer or heart attacks or stuff that we’d consider “old age diseases.” 38 is way too young to die. It’s heartbreaking, how many young women are dying from breast cancer. And there’s no rhyme or reason to who gets sick sometimes–people who have healthy lifestyles get zapped, and people who do little to take care of themselves live to ripe old ages. It’s so sad. My condolences to you, and to her family.

    • Thanks. It just doesn’t seem fair and REALLY makes me want to shake my fists at God. But I feel more for her daughter who will now grow up motherless and her husband of only 10 years.

  2. im so sorry for your loss 😦 that’s truly tragic in more ways than one. i don’t want to be preachy here but something i thought about when my grandpa was diagnosed with terminal cancer (i realize he was 79 so big age difference but… he was totally healthy, vibrant, etc). as far as God is concerned, i definitely don’t understand His method at times, but when it came to my gramps, i figured it was because he was so good, that he was called home because he did “his time” so to speak. earth is the purgatory or “hell” and heaven is the reward. silly i suppose, but it helped ease my pain and questions about how could of all four grandparents, the healthiest, liveliest one be the first to go? my grandma, his wife, is obese, has knee issues, already had open heart surgery years and years ago but he went first. anyway – it’s intended to help, but certainly not be preachy or tell you how to feel. my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend’s family.

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  4. This is only me, and my personal belief, but it has kept me in good stead when I try to make sense of senseless during events like the one you now face:

    I truly believe that before our souls ever leave Heaven, we deliberately choose the things we want to experience in our physical form. Lessons we need to learn, the people we will meet, learn from, and/or teach ourselves – whether those people be ‘reasons’, ‘seasons’ or, ‘lifetimes’; the paths we will take, karma we need to work off, the precise time we choose to leave this incarnation – HOW we will leave it, and the legacy we wish to leave behind.

    Our individual souls are at different stages of evolution in every lifetime we choose to experience. Some are ‘old souls’, some are in the middle (I know mine is), and yet others are wholly unevolved. I liken it to college grads, ,junior/ high schoolers, and elementary students – God and His angels observe our unique educations here, smile indulgently, and say “Tch. Aren’t they adorable?? Someday they’ll get there.” If we learn our lessons, and we choose to return again, we’ll return more “mature” than last time. Evolved. To me, this is why the evil live longer, and the good die young. Some learn more swiftly than others. Some chose harsher paths to grow faster.

    No matter what you personally might think or fear, I know you will not be next. You’ve had an incredibly challenging path, you’re learning and growing from it. You have too much to teach and share with others (like me), to be going anywhere anytime soon. Thank heavens for that! 🙂 XOXOX

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