Would you like me to wipe your ass to?

It is court ordered that my ex husband carry my son on his medical insurance.  Therefore, on occasion, I have to get in contact with my ex to either update or get status on The Boy’s insurance policy and coverage.  One of those occasions popped up yesterday.

I get a call from the ex saying that his medical insurance made a big change and that the pediatrician The Boy has been seeing is no longer on the insurance as the medical group the pediatrician is in is no longer on the plan.  He said he called Anthem and they told him he needed my zip code to get a list of doctors in my area that are on the plan.

I tell him why doesn’t he just call Anthem and

1)Ask to make SURE that the current pediatrician isn’t in the plan and if not

2)Just get them to give him the name of a doctor in my area and associated with the local hospital, not one in Los Angeles, where he works.

Wait, why don’t I call Anthem and do all of this on my own?  Well that would be because every time I’ve tried to do just that, I’m asked for information I don’t know, such as my ex’s address (he tends to move a lot and would never give that to me), social security , etc. (it is my ex’s insurance policy) and then I’m told I can’t speak to them because I’m not the policy holder.  I don’t know this information so I can never call to do this when these things come up.

So, he takes my zip code and says he’ll email me a list of doctors. 

The reason why this was very unnerving was because I had an appointment for The Boy with his current pediatrician 2nd week in July for stomach issues.  He constantly has stomach aches after he eats and I want to see if it’s just gas or something else.  If I had taken him to the current pediatrician and not known about the insurance change, I would have been turned away on the spot and caught off guard and bewildered and then pretty ticked off at my ex.

Oh!  When did this change to the insurance take place, you might ask?  Well that would be this past JANUARY!

Oh!  What was that?  You ask why didn’t my ex tell me about it then?  Well that would be because he didn’t care!  The only reason he told me finally yesterday was because he finally had to go to the doctor a week ago and that initiated him having to change his doctors which then initiated needing to contact me for my zip code so that The Boy could get his doctor changed to.

I actually found out from the current pediatrician that I have EVERY right to call Anthem and change the medical group and pediatrician for The Boy.  I told her I couldn’t get past the phone prompts asking for my ex’s information.  So she gives me a number that bypasses all that and I do get into a rep at Anthem (thank you Clarissa at Anthem, you are the BEST!).

To make this short, 30 minutes later, I have confirmed, yes, the insurance no longer takes the medical group The Boy’s current pediatrician was in, I get help from the rep to secure a new medical group, new pediatrician and new appointment set up for The Boy and the new medical card is being mailed out.

30 minutes to do something that idiot of a man couldn’t do with many calls to Anthem.  But I’m not surprised.  He didn’t care about any of this and is doing it just so that I don’t haul him back to court for not carrying The Boy on his insurance, as it is court ordered. 

That man doesn’t even know the day his only son was BORN.  Yup, he has no idea his son’s birthday.  Why should he care if his medical is up to date?

I am so close to getting another lawyer and opening up this can of worms again.  I don’t mind putting The Boy on my insurance.  At the time, 8 years ago, the judge saw fit that my ex pay for medical because she probably saw how much of an arrogant asshole he was.  And to top it off I don’t even bother to make a big stink about co-payments and medication costs, which my ex should also be paying for, but never has.  I think that will change in the near future and I may no longer put MY address down so ALL bills get sent to ex.

So excuse me, douche of an ex husband but we are NO longer married so I am NOT obligated to do the work YOU should be doing to ensure your child has the proper medical insurance. 

But I do your work because, out of the two of us, I am the one who cares about this child the most.

Bite me.


6 thoughts on “Would you like me to wipe your ass to?

        • Yeah, he really just racks on my nerves sometimes. I know I can be a bitch to him sometimes and I’ve tried to tone myself down with him but every time I think about him leaving his son in the dust…I get enraged again.
          Funny thing, my mother said I act like a bitter bitch to him when I explained this scenario to her. I just love when she thinks she actually knows what any of this is like when she knows nothing about divorce or father’s leaving. Her and my father have been married for 38 years this December. *sigh*

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