The days go on and the idiots are still around

I continue, day by day.  I took The Boy to hockey lessons last night, and after, we went for our traditional In N Out dinner.

I woke up to the news about Prop 8 in California.  My opinion and where I stand on this subject is not the most liked point of view.  So I will leave it at that.

As I already posted, I lost another dear friend last week to breast cancer.  I’ve been doing better.  My mother actually pointed out something very important that I agreed with (yes, pick up your jaws from the floor.  Sometimes we DO agree).

She pointed out that it may have been a “blessing in disguise” that my friend told no one about her battle, especially me.  After losing my best friend and watching her deteriorate over the years then die, I may not have been able to handle going through it all over again and adding the pain her small child and husband into the picture.  So I’m wondering if maybe, it was all for the best.  I can only take so much.

And right after pointing that out my mother pointed that out I’m a bitch because I told her about my issues with my ex on Monday.  She said I am a bitch to him and I whole fucking heartedly agreed!

I’m sorry (or not sorry) but I hold no respect, honor or decency to someone who turns their back on their child for any reason.  It is selfish and wrong and only shows that this person wants to hurt the child and since this is MY child….I give you this:Mother Bear

He lost any type of respect or non-bitchyness from me the moment he did that.  I care NOT for the reasons he claims to have done it either, which were that he couldn’t handle me.  Excuse not accepted. I don’t care if I acted like Miranda Priestly herself!  You are there for your kid.  I know men to have endured MUCH worse than I ever could have dished out and were always there for their children. 

And for corn’s sake I really wasn’t that bad!  He just got mad because I ripped him a new one because he shaved my 1 year olds head bald right before a photo session and not only did my baby look like he should be saying Hail Hitler but that is not the look I wanted for him at his baby photo session.  And I know that my kid screamed the whole time he was getting his head shaved while his father probably just told him to shut up.  (Yes, he would have said that, I had seen him do the exact thing I describe to his nephews.  I don’t make this up).

So yeah, my inner bitch WILL come out when dealing with that asshole.

Anyway, I digress.  To top off this wonderful roller coaster of emotions I made the very bad mistake of posting in a group on a certain Disney forum about the recent loss of my friend to cancer.  I have known a lot of the people who post there for years and wanted to check in.

Big mistake.  My “check in” was greeted with this insensitive and callous comment, at least in my opinion, anyway.

Sorry Claudia, it happens. Many kids lose parents

By the “many kids lose parents” comment, he was referring to the fact I mentioned my friend had a 6 year old daughter… but hey…so what! Many kids lose parents right?  That makes this loss mean nothing…right?  Or does that make the motherless kids feel any better?!

What the fuck…..I wonder how anyone who is as insensitive as this lives with themselves on a daily basis.  And I now remember why I left that fucking Disney forum.  Disney my ass……

Or maybe I’m being super sensitive about the comment to because I know some people just don’t know what to say but if that were the case, just say nothing.  I can guarantee if this had been said to me to my face, I would have punched him in the balls.

Oh and FYI – I changed the address of this journal from amorainbette to claudiabette.  I might do this every few months just to ensure that I keep out of the radar of those who I don’t want seeing this blog.

So former links to the old address will show a deleted blog but I’m still here.


Any thoughts?

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