R.I.P. DJ the Hamster


DJ the Hamster

This morning, I was awoken by The Boy rushing into my room saying, “Mommy! DJ Died! ”

Oh Good Lord…..

So, I get up and go to see what is what. Sure enough, it’s dead.

I then explain to him that we will clean the cage out and place him in a bag.  He says he wants it buried.  Uh ok?  Being that I live in an apartment complex I don’t have access to a back yard.

I must think fast.

I tell him that I will put it in a bag and take it down to the bushes on the other side of my apartment building where there is more dirt than grass and I will bury him there and then come back and get him and he can place his little “tombstone” on it with a flower from the bushes.

I take the bag with the dead animal down the stairs, to the dirt spot, pass the dirt spot and drop it into the large dumpster in the back.  I then go back to the dirt spot and rustle the dirt a bit to look like I dug up the dirt and put it back, then go to get The Boy.

He puts down his little piece of “tombstone” bark and a few flowers there and we move on with our day.

I feel bad that I couldn’t tell him that I just threw it in the dumpster but I’m pretty sure that someone would have seen me putting a small rodent into the ground and I would have been caught.  There are always people walking around and it’s out in the open.  And if a gardener had found it, I don’t think they could have pinned it on me but who knows if they have cameras around the tops of the apartment buildings!  I think like that sometimes.

So, The Boy got his Memorial.  That is all that mattered to me and he was able to lay DJ to rest.


A moment of silence for DJ the Hamster, please……..

First question out of The Boy’s mouth….”Can we go to Pet Smart and get another hamster?



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