“You have a cannon aimed at your head”

Bringing to you yet another of my famous Tarantino posts……..

“You have a canon aimed at your head”

Why did The Boy say the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

As many of you may know, I have Disneyland Annual Passes and have had them for the good part of the past 9 years.  So I go to the Park quiet often.

Therefore, I have ridden the famous ride Pirates of the Caribbean many many times.  However, during the last ride that I took when The Boy and I visted the Park this past Friday Night, he pointed out something to me that I have never noticed before on that ride.

We got through the ride ok and got to the jail and dog carrying the key scene….

Photo from Daveandlandweb.com - A GREAT Disney parks and dark ride photographer.

Photo from Davelandweb.com – A GREAT Disney parks and dark ride photographer.

Then, it seemed that the boats started to get backed up so we were waiting fairly long in the dark area right before the end scene where they are shooting across us with high explosives everywhere.

The next thing I hear is The Boy saying this:

“You have a cannon aimed at your head”

I must have given a WTF? look but then I looked to my right and yup, my face was about one foot from and staring down the barrel of a very large sized cannon…..


Not actual cannon but gets the point across  Photo from sharemickey.com

In all the many times I’ve ridden this ride, I have never noticed this canon.  It may have been because we normally don’t stop in this dark area for a very long time and even if we did, it was dark.  You would have to really look to notice this cannon was there and you would really need the time to look through the dark to notice it was there.

I found that amusing and even a bit unnerving.  Yet, how many times in one’s life can they say they looked down the dark barrel of an original cast iron cannon!


Any thoughts?

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