“Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?” –Mycroft Holmes

As I’ve mentioned before, I told my sister about the secret to my current weight loss and she is all for it and even planning on playing the weight loss game with me which I think is great because I love a good challenge.

On my visit to her Saturday, I found out something that in our whole lives of being sisters has NEVER happened…EVER!  More on that to come.

However, my sister……my sister is a great person.  I love her to pieces but sometimes, she just needs to know when to shut up.

Yesterday, I go over to her house to visit and have some sisterly bonding.  Our parents are on a rough road right now.  My mother, well is my mother, but she just had knee surgery and my father, well, the Alzheimer’s and speech problems are REALLY setting in.  Even though he hasn’t been officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, we all know what is happening.  My mother is finding it hard to deal with him.  His doctor will be scheduling an MRI soon and that should be the determining factor.  So my sister and I talk about what we are going to do, how we are going to help them out even with me trying to raise a child and she is dealing with just recently losing her job of 6 years.

Anyway,  the conversation turned toward me losing 22 lbs so far and she was asking me about what I actually eat.  I told her that I stay away from carbs, mostly breads and that my portions are significantly reduced and I no longer go to fast food joints.  Also that the appetite suppressants are really doing their job and I pretty much do no over eating at all.

The conversation went kind of like this:

Me:  “I brought mom and dad El Pollo Loco today.  I like the Pollo Chicken Bowl.”

Sister:  ” Oh so you can EAT a Pollo Bowl?  What about the rice?”

Me:  “Technically rice is bad because it’s a carb but I will still eat very little of it and for the most part I eat the beans and chicken of the bowl, and leave the rice.  Just like how they say a Jamba Juice is bad because of all the carbs in the fruit, but I know my body.  For me, having a Jamba Juice or a small pollo bowl is better than a #2 Combo Meal at McDonald’s, large sized.”

Sister:  “Well, you know that you are going to reach a point where you will have to stop doing that because you aren’t going to lose weight and you can’t cheat like that?”

Me:  …….. (but inside my head I’m like “uh…jealous much!”)

Moving on…

Sister:  “So are the appetite suppressants still working?.”

Me:  “Yup, my portions are super tiny and I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies because they are less filling than a super sized carne asada burrito, for example.  I think about a carne asada burrito and I want to vomit.”

Sister:  “Well, they will stop working eventually and you will be used to them and you will eat the way you did before and gain the weight back.”

Me:  …………..  (but what I’m REALLY thinking is….)


I see my mother in her SO much sometimes.  On the one hand, she is saying to me  “wow good job on losing 22lbs!“….but then, that statement is not long followed with something that sounds like  “but eventually you will FAIL!

I guess maybe sometimes I can throw out some back handed compliments without realizing it but I really try to curb them.  I also try to always work hard to keep the peace with her and I tend to be more honest with her than our mother.  Mostly because we have a lot of history, share stories, share the same opinions on our parents (even if I tend to feel more strongly about it than she) and have hidden “one liner” jokes and such that no one understands except she and I.  I wouldn’t want to lose that.

"Do ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?"

“Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?”

Lately, we both share a love for the BBC’s Sherlock Holmes series (and Benedict Cumberbatch) an obsession that I will admit she started and got me hooked on.  (Thanks Sis!  As if obsessing over Leo and Orlando wasn’t enough!)

We found a connection with the relationship between Sherlock and his brother Mycroft.  They obviously love each other but treat each other in only a way that they understand, yet to others on the outside, may seem cold and cruel.  Especially, when they converse together.  They share a past together that only they can understand, but obviously affected them greatly, and they share a kind of genius “higher than thou” attitude which the origin of, only they understand.

This can be the same with my sister and I.  However, I don’t think we have genius minds, but when we look at how our lives have gone, how our pasts have affected us then up to now, both husband-less, alone and untrusting of people we sometimes ask ourselves this very same question:

Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?” –Mycroft Holmes

With us, it’s the lack of trust for people, not that we don’t feel or care about things that go on in our lives, as the Holmes Brothers may be experiencing.   Her and I have very hard hearts sometimes, which could lead to our loneliness.

However, knowing all that, I also learn when to pick and choose my battles with my sister and this one I just laughed off.  Why?  Well that is simple.  Because after I told her I had lost a total of 22 lbs and counting…she jumped on her scale and guess what folks…..

I now weigh less than my 6 year younger than me, sister.  That is something that has NEVER happened before in the whole of our lives.

I actually do hope that she starts this weight loss program or just stops eating carbs and sweets, but she is an over eater, as I was, so I know how hard that is without help.

But until then,  I will weigh less than her!

Love ya Sis!


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