My cat’s 4th of July included Fancy Feast

This morning, I realized I was down to the last can of cat food.  My cat REFUSES to eat dry food.  He also shows his disapproval with anger if any type of fish cat food (i.e salmon, tuna, trout, shrimp) is placed before him.  So, when he runs out of canned food and I try to give him dry, he protests by starving himself.

Cat food Shopping

So, my 4th of July morning included a trip to Ralph’s, with my paper coupons and eCoupons in hand, to buy him the cat food he will eat.  Yes, that is 30 cans of Fancy Feast and 10 cans of Sheba you see in that cart.

Snickers Enjoys

Then, he just scarfed it up, without even so much as a thank you or looking up to pose.

Then, he just walked around, licking his paws and I begged him for one photo of him and his full tummy.


“*sigh* Fine. I guess because you finally fed me what I wanted, I will hold this horrible make-shift American Flag you made.  Did I mention it’s an terrible replica? You crazy human…”

“Yes, but it’s 4th of July….just stop complaining!”

“Hmmpff…I could always suffocate you with my body in your sleep you know….”

He’s just jealous because he won’t be seeing fireworks later tonight.

I don’t know…I think another episode of Cat Shaming might be in order.

That darn cat….I love him!


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