Weekly Weigh In – Meh…..

Meh, not to happy about today.

I spent the better part of this day wondering what the heck I’m doing wrong.  The nurse even asked me if I was following the diet plan properly.  I most surely am and I’m exercising as well.

I’m going to try and change up my exercise routine and push it to 35 minutes which will include some arm and stomach exercises.  I’m also going to try and incorporate some running into my power walking to, even if it is just for a few minutes.

I also think I need to eliminate anything I may have been “cheating” with.  I have had tortillas on occasion but always wheat and I never finish it.  I do have Pollo Bowls but rarely finish down to the rice part.  I just eat the chicken and beans, but I may start being more strict regarding any carbs.  Although, I don’t know how I can get any stricter than this:

This is a sample of a usual lunch.  That is a hard boiled egg and greek yogurt.

This is a sample of a usual lunch. That is a hard boiled egg and greek yogurt.

Regardless, I’m going to change where I think I can.  Or it could be just inches that I’ve lost as I’ve noticed a huge change in my size 16 jeans.  Just last night, I was getting ready to change for bed for the night and I was closing up my home and turning off lights, when I realized, my jeans were about to fall off me.  I was literally able to pull them off without unbuttoning them.  So those will go into the give away bag and I can move onto the size 14 jeans I have that were waiting to be pulled off the shelf of “some day I will fit into these clothes” that I have set up in my closet.

Anyway, what were today’s results??

1 more lb down!

Total:  23 lbs lost in 9 Weeks! 

LilySlim Weight charts

Below are the BMI chart comparison from start weight to current weight

BMI of 42 at 245lbs

BMI at starting weight of 245 – 9 weeks ago


BMI 38.1

BMI down to 38 as of today.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In – Meh…..

  1. 23 pounds in 9 weeks is an amazing achievement, Claudia. I usually measure myself instead of weighing myself because I find that it’s a much more accurate way of assessing the changes. Weight fluctuates too much, and it doesn’t tell the whole story. As we all know, muscle takes up less space than fat so you might not have lost pounds, but you’ve still lost inches. Hang in there, girlfriend!!

    • I’m leaning towards this theory as well. I don’t see how I only lost 1 lb after working out 4 times this week, including swimming twice this past week, and eating like what I pictures above.

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