I just can’t fathom…a post of rants (and screw Boost Mobile)

Proceed with caution…I do not tolerate much lately.  I don’t even know if anyone reads my blog anymore.

This is going to be a series of vents about some aspects of people that I’m just REALLY sick and tired of seeing.  On the surface, it may sound judgemental but if you look deeper, there is always an underlying purpose that is more than any alternative motive one may have.

pity partyPeople who whine and have pity parties for one.  I KNOW that life is a bowl of dog poop sometimes.  I deal with it to.  I’m dealing with it right now,  I am negative about $80 in my bank account right now and I’m so hungry but have no money for food.  I deal.

But I just can NOT sympathize with people who wallow in it.  I don’t tolerate “whoa is me” personalities.  The negativity is unattractive.  I understand stuff happens, and you will get my sympathy at first, I’m not heartless.  But if I see a pattern, you are on your own.

complainingPeople who complain about lives that are way better than mine.  In particular, those women who complain about….oh no!….being single for more than a month.  Uh, try going on fucking 10 years biatch!  You know NOTHING about being alone so don’t even try to cry buckets about that.  Find a hobby.

As some of you may have read, my ex-husband and the father of my 9 year old child, left not only me (good riddance) but his son almost 10 years ago.  He has a nice little hot seat reserved for him in hell as he has never cared to send his only son and heir to his name, a holiday card nor does he even remember his son’s birthdate.

I do believe that by him abandoning his son, it pushed me in the opposite direction.  I would be DAMNED before I let anyone take my kid from me.  Even if my ex did stick around, I would NEVER give up ANY rights to not be around my child a good amount of time, if not all the time.

This is for those people who leave their children and claim to have had no choice or have some other stupid reason.  You are the lowest of the low.  I don’t care if you have a gun pointed to your head.  But hey, how about this theory?  How about you get help for your drug and/or drinking problem?  Or even better, how about you stop choosing men that are obviously losers over your children?

Sound judgemental?  Ask me if I care.MjAxMy1mNGM0NzBkZmRkYjBmMGRl

If I had a gun pointed to my head and someone saying “leave your kid or I pull the trigger” that would be the ONLY way I would ever abandon him, because I would say “pull the trigger, I would NEVER leave him out of free will”.

You people disgust me.

I think maybe it’s because I don’t tolerate much that dooms me to forever being alone but I really just can’t take people who act like children and do not face up to the consequences, good or bad, of THEIR own actions.

I’m officially done with Boost Mobile.  I would have to say that they provide the crappiest service, cell or customer, ever.  As of the 20th, I will be a Verizon member with a new Samsung 4 phone.  I’m sure Verizon will be just as crappy but I’m sure that their cell service is way better.  I swear, I have at least 99.9% of my calls constantly dropping and I can’t get anything to stream, not even a 3 minute Youtube clip.

Boost Mobile = shit, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for and I paid $50 a month for Boost Mobile.  With Verizon, that will go up to at least $80 even with an employer discount and a house bundle discount.  But hey, no more dropped calls!

*sigh* I’m just really irritated today and I don’t know why really. I actually went to TJMaxx yesterday and got size 13 skinny jeans that I squished my ass into but hey! They buttoned! I actually look pretty hot today in a new, smaller, tighter fitting top today. Maybe that’s why I feel like bitching.


11 thoughts on “I just can’t fathom…a post of rants (and screw Boost Mobile)

  1. I love Verizon, and I think you will too. I have had them for years and their service is actually pretty decent, both on the phone and in stores. Whenever I have had a problem they have always fixed it for me.

    I understand your frustration too. I have a friend on FB who always, always, always complains about her life and most of it is of her own making. It’s hard to listen to, after a while.

  2. I hope you enjoy Verizon. My relationship with ex has been over for 6 years. I don’t consider myself alone and I don’t seek a boyfriend of the month. As for the substance abuse, it is really easy to say seek help. More difficult when you watch an immediate go through it and not make it through.

    Still reading your writing.

  3. I’m still reading too 🙂 Boost = wasted $, Good luck with Verizon. They are not a great service provider where I live, but anyone must be better than crappy Boost and Sprint! (There’s a reason they are cheaper.)
    As for being alone, I have no comments. Your rant is understandable though!

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