Christmas Trip to Montana, in the planning stage!


I’m SO excited! Not only for a road trip because I LOVE road trips and driving and stopping at random places to eat food that I never see where I live or take a picture of the World’s Largest Watermelon  (yes we are going to stop there) or the 100+ year old Fruitcake and 66 year old slab of bacon  (that one is on the itinerary to!) or the first KFC franchise location  (a *maybe* on the itinerary, I don’t support fast food but this is kinda interesting), but I’m going to see my Sister and niece and nephew!

I am super anal when it comes to preparing and researching for adventures like this.  I create an itinerary, research places to stop, possible weather and car rentals.  Right now I am in the researching places to stop stage and I’m in Utah right now, going through THIS list.  Being that the I-15 is the only Interstate we will be taking from California through Las Vegas, NV, a corner of Arizona (Mesquite), Utah (through Salt Lake City), Idaho (through Idaho Falls) then lastly to Helena, Montana, that makes it easy to search for only tourist attractions that are not to far from the I-15.

My sister and I and The Boy will be doing this trip.  We have and will continue to invite our mother and father as my older Sister is my father’s daughter to, but my younger sister and I have a pretty good feeling that our mother will agree up until the last minute then back out.

But ask me if I care if she does that other than our poor father, yet again, will be kept from seeing his oldest daughter and two other grand kids.  I have a plan in the making and will be following it and seeing as much of the trip as we can and taking photos.  That woman can’t stop us.


Any thoughts?

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