What to do with the Cat!

In planning for this Christmas Montana trip, there was one aspect I totally forgot about!

My cat!  This isn’t a weekend/overnight trip! I’ll be gone for 7 nights!  So I am starting to look around for boarding facilities.  Then I realized,  I need to get his shots up to date or NO boarding facility will take him.

This is going to run into a lot of money but I would rather have him at a boarding facility that have someone come into my house just to feed him and clean his litter.  Although that is all he really needs to be done.  But then again, I wouldn’t want him to be alone for those 8 days.  He would think I abandoned him!

I found a boarding hospital that is $19.50 per night and that is the best rate I’ve seen yet.  Then again between now and then, I have to find the money to get his shots updated and a physical exam for him.

I may have to get a credit card soon and after being credit card free for almost 2 years, I’m apprehensive to doing that.  But it is what it is!

If anyone has suggestions, I’ll gladly take em!


2 thoughts on “What to do with the Cat!

  1. Most cats are more comfortable in their own home than at a boarding facility, so that might actually be LESS stressful for him. In the past, I left my cat 2 bowls each of food and water and had someone stop by daily to top off her bowls/pet her. If you do board him, you might consider boarding him at the vet’s – my veterinarian offers boarding for $10-15 per night. You could get avoid having to get a credit card that way too, since most vets will take a debit card and/or a check.

    • The place that is $19.50 a night is the vet hospital. And the only reason I would get a credit card is because there might not be enough money on my debit card/checking account as I’m having to pay for car rental and other expenses. It would be nice to put the boarding expense on a credit card and not worry about it immediantly.
      I *might* ask my co-worker if she would check in on him 3 times that week. So we shall see.

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