You know when there is that person…you just don’t like

Everyone has been through it.  You meet a person and for some reason, you just don’t like them!  I have that situation except I do know why I don’t like her, but it isn’t really her fault.  We got a new paralegal and apparently because I don’t have a big bad paralegal degree, I get kicked out of my office and she gets the big office while I get shoved into the small cubicle in the hallway.  The way of the corporate world I guess.

Then get a degree? Well, I do have my two year AA and AS.  I wished I had a husband to back me up so I can be off work for two years and still have income pouring in while said husband works.  That is the story of my other co-worker, the Jr. Paralegal.  Well, good for her, because if I went that route, I would be homeless and begging on the streets with my kid because I have no “back up” income to speak of.  It is enough that I haven’t eaten in about a week (and that is no joke…I’ve been living off hard boiled eggs and water, I feed my kid and even the cat first before me, always).

Her first day was today and I’m being as cordial as I can possibly be.  I mean, it really wasn’t HER fault that I don’t have a paralegal degree (I don’t even want one) and was pushed out of my big corner office with a door and a window.

Still, I have this inner biatch feeling to just ignore her, completely.  I don’t really work with her directly but I still am in the same department.

*sigh* I don’t like feeling this mean because I’m not normally this mean but I just do NOT like the situation and even if I sound like a whining 10 year old…I don’t care.  They treated me pretty bad by just shoving me out of an office after over a year in it with no warning nor telling me it was temporary, which apparently it was because I am not a big bad Paralegal.  But, as has been the situation for years now, employers can do basically whatever they want to employees, just short of something illegal, because of the job shortages.  I certainly can’t find a job anywhere else so I just smile and nod at whatever is thrown at me.

Still, for the most part, it’s a good employer with great benefits so I really should just stop complaining and whining like a 10 year old.  Right?

But…if the occassion did ever call for moving on in life…I would defintately say it…in cake…



5 thoughts on “You know when there is that person…you just don’t like

  1. One thing you have to keep in mind is that she may have sacrificed a lot to be a paralegal. I had to work full time and go to school part time for years to get my degree. I was single and paid for it myself. I had to budget for underwear. I had no social life which was fine since I didn’t have any money to do anything anyway. But, I made the sacrifices and the pay off was a degree.

    I realize that you have a child to care for, so that won’t work for you right now, but not everyone gets to have someone pay while they go do school. When I was in school, about 1/2 the students had parents or a partner supporting them and 1/2 had a full time job and were putting themselves through school. Some people get things handed to them and it’s hard not feel resentful, but some people do have to sacrifice a lot for it.

    • Oh I know not everyone has a spouse, for example. I was just citing HER particular situation. My sister is single and getting her Bachelor’s and she has very little play money either. I know how that goes.

      It wouldn’t be just me, my kid would suffer. So what I want, gets put on the back burner, as usual, and may never even get touched. That is just how the cards were dealt for me. I’m not resentful, I just don’t like how my employer handled the office thing. But that is me being childish to, I guess.

      But believe me, I know all about making sacrifices. I do it every damned day. Did I mention I haven’t eaten in a week?

  2. It’s definitely harder when you have a child. It’s easier to make sacrifices for you than to make them give up stuff, so that makes it even harder for you. Winning the lottery would solve so much!

  3. I remember being resentful of a coworker at my last job because she was coming back into the workforce after being a stay at home mom for over 15 years. Her husband has a good job with more than enough money to pay the bills, but she wanted to “help out” and get out of the house. We did the same job and our bosses liked to crack the whip and demand everything be done faster and at a higher quality… When I tried to rally other co-workers to organize against the bullshit, she used to piss me off so much by laughing and telling me that it’s “just a job” that it was meant to be temporary work until better came along – It upset me because her situation prevented her from understanding how important even a labor heavy minimum wage job could be to people that didn’t have anything or anyone else. I was also admittedly jealous that she had a house and a family and that working was an option for her rather than a necessity.
    Oddly enough, we actually ended up being really good friends – despite the occasional work related argument.

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