Weekly Weigh In – It’s actually been a MONTH

Weekly Monthly Weigh in

Welcome back peoples!  I was without a weigh in for a whole month!  So bare with me, this may be a long update.  I do have a pretty good reason for the month absence.

My last post was July 17.  The reason for the month hiatus was because I had to pay for another 10 weeks on the program and I just didn’t have the money.  My last weigh in and visit to the clinic was a month ago and I have been about 3 weeks off the appetite suppressant medications.  I guess it was a good test run to see if I can actually do it on my own, without the daily appetite suppressants.

Test run=PASSED

I’m just making better choices.  I am going to continue to stay away from bad carbs and fast food.  I am also going to continue to do exercise like I am now which is 5-6 times a week consisting of cardio speed walking/jogging and some weight lifting.  However, I will get back onto the medications just to kick start myself again to do round two and keep the numbers going down!


About 2 weeks ago, I did surprise myself a bit.  Ask me if I can get into size 13 skinny jeans.  YUP!  I squeezed my behind into a size 13.  I was a stuffed sausage but they zippered up!

I’m still so fat!

Or that is how I feel, psychologically, I guess.  I am so close to passing the 200 mark.  I’m hoping now that I can start back up on the appetite suppressants, I will be able to curb my appetite better and not binge.  I did binge a few times, on fat free and low calorie Trader Joe’s cheese puffs but afterwards, I felt sick to my stomach.  Blegh.

However, one big change is that now I weigh less than my sister.  This has really motivated her to get into action.  She is now watching carbs and she actually has an awesome exercise reoutine that includes eliptical and lots of cardio.  She’s good at that.  However, she has some medical issues that keeps her from losing at a steady pace but I know she can do it.  I’m now 15 lbs lighter than her, but if I know her, that won’t be for long.

I still just think I have so much to go.  It’s like a never ending cycle.  However, it will probably always seem that way because this is a life long thing and not just a fad.

My next goal is to get out of the 200’s and into the 100’s.

Anyway, what were today’s results??

 8 more lbs down!

Total: 38 lbs lost as of May 4, 2013! 

LilySlim Weight charts

Look at that HUGE dip!

Starting BMI

BMI is: 42.0 at 245 lbs

Starting in Category: Obese  30.0 – more

Current BMI

Still in the "Obese" section...Blegh!

Still in the “Obese” section…Blegh!

I finally have a before and after.  Both of these were taken in the same spot at Universal Studios, Hollywood and I tried to wear the same tank top with the pink hearts but I have since put it into the Goodwill bag because it looked ridiculous on me.

March 2, 2013

August 1, 2013

I see the difference but I probably shouldn’t have tried to squeeze myself into those skinny jeans.  Those are the size 13 jeans I mentioned above.  Although, that was taken almost 2 weeks ago and those jeans fit A LOT better now.

But my face…it’s so much smaller.

So, that is it for my update after a month of no updates.  As I mentioned before, I did purchase another 10 weeks of the appetite suppresants, B-6 shots and the weekly Lipo-Combo injection which is injected into my arm that contains:

  • Methionine
  • Inositol
  • Choline
  • B-12
  • B-1
  • B-2
  • Vitamin C
  • Niacin

That injection hurts like a mo-fo though.  I even told the nurse “God, this one stings way more than the others”.  She said it was because it’s the mother of all injections and includes the most of any other injection.  I just got it a couple of hours ago and I’m noticing that the injection site (my upper arm) smells, or makes me smell, like vitamins.  It’s hard to explain but I have to be aware of that since I go to my weigh ins and get my injections during my lunch hour and have to return to work.

Thanks to all who have been following my progress.  I’m certainly not done yet but I’m very proud of myself if I do say so myself and being able to blog about it keeps me very much accountable.  It has been a life long struggle for me to deal with being fat all my life.  Losing this weight, at this point in my life is allowing me to concentrate on other parts of my physique I have to keep up if I don’t want to age quickly.

I now dye my graying hair on a regular basis since the vitamin injections have made my hair grow like mad and it’s super shiny and on top of that, using the Lush Stout shampoo, makes it super silky.  I love my hair.

I’m also working on my skin.  I use a Lush Mint mask once a week and it’s done wonders for cleaning out my pores and making them smaller.

I’m also going to look into getting lash extensions.  I really can’t wear makeup anymore.  My eyes water way to much and then the make up gets in them and it’s like battery acid is burning my eyes out of their sockets.  So I just don’t wear makeup anymore.  My sister suggested lash extensions because that is all my eyes really need.  I’m also going to look into getting my eyes used to contacts again.  These glasses just take so much away from my face.

So, until next week 🙂


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