I think I might treat myself

I woke to a horrible migraine.  That rarely happens as actually, I’ve noticed since I’ve lost all this weight, my migraines are now null and void (I used to get them on a weekly basis).  I also don’t have stomach pains anymore and no more heartburn.  So, when I do get migraines, it is like my head is going to cave in.  Thank the Good Lord for Advil.  Advil is all I can really take because it’s ibuprofen.  I only take ibuprofen for pain.  It’s the only thing that works.

So, as soon as I got to work I downed 3 Advil for 600 mg of ibuprofen and now, the migraine is gone.  I love when pain goes away.  It’s like I’m given a new chance at life.  Yeah, that may be dramatic but migraines hurt.

Then, I also got a nice email from Build a Bear.


I get a free outfit!  Sometimes, that Stuff fur Stuff Club pays off.

So, I think I may just make a visit to the Downtown Disney Build a Bear when I go to Disneyland by myself on Saturday and make myself a Mickey head bear.  What is a Mickey headed bear you may ask?

Mickey bear

It will be my “so long farewell” to my Annual Pass which expires on Sunday.  I’ve had to take a long hiatus from my pass one other time in the 10 years I’ve had it and that hiatus was only broken because my cousin and her rich husband bought The Boy and I passes.  I’ve had to struggle each year since but this year, I bid it a fond farewell.  It just doesn’t seem worth it anymore.  I might get another one later but not now.

Maybe I’ll bring the bear to work and put it in my cubicle  to make me smile every once in a while.

But for now I’m also debating whether to go down to Verizon and get my Verizon wireless account set up during my lunch hour or just wait until next week.  I have until the 19th  but I’m just done with Boost Mobile.

Tonight is Disneyland for my last visit with The Boy.


Any thoughts?

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