Oh that’s right! I used to play McDonald’s Monopoly!

Yes, I had a fast food flashback. I remember every year in October, McDonald’s would do their Monopoly game. I swear I would gain 20 pounds that month from eating so many large fries and Big Macs.

Today, I actually had money and needed something quick as I had to make a quick Walmart run for cat food and some folders for The Boy for school. So I pulled into the McDonald’s and got the Grilled Chicken Wrap (only 410 calories).

Then I saw it. The Monopoly pieces.


1 in 4 wins my ASS!

I pulled them off, hoping to see the “you have won the MILLION dollars” but didn’t….and moved on.  I never won anything more than a free breakfast sandwich or a free small fries.

But did I ever have flashbacks of gorging on that crap just to get more Monopoly pieces…blegh…


Any thoughts?

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