Bearded Dragon = Yes

As another incentive for The Boy to let me shop, I promised him that we would stop by the local reptile store to look at Geckos.  He has it in his brain now that since he’s lost two hamsters to death, that a Gecko is the way to go.  I humored him, but I draw the line at spiders and snakes.  Geckos and lizards of that type I can tolerate because we had some when I was younger.

We get into the store and are immediately met by a nice young man and I tell him we want to see the Geckos.  He points them out to us and asks if we would be holding it and petting it.  The Boy says yes (of course he wants to have a lizard in his hands as often as he can) and then the young man points us toward the bearded dragons.

I heard “dragon” and thought of a Komodo Dragon and my heart stopped.  Then my mind told me that Komodo Dragons aren’t really domestic type lizards (I hope?) and the next thing I thought of was an Iguana.  I was becoming more nervous as we walked over to the Bearded Dragons and all my assumptions were very wrong.

See the difference:


Komodo Dragon




Bearded Dragon

Apparently, Bearded Dragons look like the photo above and will calmly and happily stay on one’s shoulder.  As babies, they are really small and not jittering and they don’t try to run away.  The Boy even got to hold one.


The young man informed me that they grow to be about 2 feet at most.  He also said that they adapt to whatever personality their owner has.  He must have seen my “what bullshit” look because he proceeded to explain that if you get one as a baby and interact with it often, it will be like you.  If you are calm, it remains calm.  If you walk it around it will adapt to being on your shoulder.  I think I was still giving him the WTF look but it was more because I still couldn’t believe I was considering this creature to reside in my house, but I tried to smile and nod.

He also showed us the aquariums they sell that come with the heating lamps and accessories.  On the surface, this looks very interesting.  However, I have this sinking gut feeling that I will be the one taking care of this lizard.  However, he did say that they require very little upkeep.  Then, of course, they shed eventually a few times I think.  And there is also that whole feeding it live crickets routine.  Blegh.

So I’m still on the fence because aside from the fact that these things are the ugliest lizards I’ve ever seen, it is STILL a lizard.  What I left for The Boy to understand was that he has to be good, keep his room clean and the area this lizard would be in clean, and no bad reports from school.

Final thought:  I have a feeling I’m going to have a Bearded Dragon living in my house within the next few weeks.


4 thoughts on “Bearded Dragon = Yes

  1. We had a Beardie and we loved him. I think I had more fun with the lizard than my son. Charmander (Beardie’s name), was always very interested in whatever we were doing; if we were eating dinner, he would start eating. If we were watching tv, he would climb up on a perch and watch tv with us. My 80-something year old grandma even loved him. She cried when he died. Not kidding.

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