Disneyland alone = I’m a Loser

My Disneyland Annual Pass expired this past Sunday.  I have mixed feelings about this.

First, I just didn’t feel the $1200 a year (broken down into $80 monthly payments for a Premium Pass and a Deluxe Pass) was worth it anymore.  There is no longer an “off season” anymore as it’s always crowded.  I feel the customer service and the demeanor of the Cast Members who work there has gone down tremendously.  The worst is not really even Disney’s fault.  The people who go there now are horrible.  I know some people in this world are innately jerks but I can’t believe the number of people who out right break rules and just don’t care about others.  I found myself having to fight for what was right at just about every visit.  That, combined with the fact that CM’s just don’t care to enforce rules anymore, pretty much had me disgusted over the past year.

Also, The Boy just seems desensitized to it all as well and I feel I’m spoiling him.  When we go, he never wants to ride anything except Indiana Jones then just walk around.  Usually, he’ll stay to dance at Mad T Party then want to ride Monster’s Inc. but that is it.  I guess that is the whole point of having an AP but I had to start weighing the financial pros and cons.

On the other side of the coin, I am sad to not have that little pass with my name in my wallet anymore and have the freedom of going whenever I can, something I’ve had for the past 10 years of my life and pretty much The Boy’s whole life (his first visit was at 10 months old).

As I said before, our passes expired this past Sunday so on Friday night, I took The Boy for our last visit together, and then on Saturday, I dropped him off with my sister and went out to the Parks by myself.

That excursion in itself brought mixed emotions.  It started out, well, very lonely.  I didn’t actually get into the park until late afternoon.  I walked around a bit, and then decided I needed to eat.  I went to Flo’s, the diner type place in Carsland, and had an overpriced turkey salad.


Photo from Disneyland.com

I sat in the corner of the diner, by myself, with my nose in my phone playing Candy Crush.  I watched families, couples, and friends pass by and that was when I realized, this isn’t fun.  In fact what it was feeling like was, sad.

I needed to walk around some more.  I didn’t feel I got noticed for being alone as much walking around.  And I was listening to some great tunes with my ear buds and new cell phone.

I actually got some great exercise in.  I always walk fast and have noticed with less weight on me, I walk even faster now.  I wanted to time my events right as I wanted to see and do the things that The Boy never lets me do when I have him with me, which is all the time.

For a little while, the walking around helped my mood.  I exited DCA to go into Disneyland because I know I wanted to ride Space Mountain, something The Boy doesn’t want to ride.  However, I started to feel pathetic standing alone in line for Space Mountain.  Most of the rides have a Single Rider line that is only for people who ride alone and that line usually isn’t long.  Space Mountain doesn’t have a Single Rider Line.  So, I had to stand in the whole queue, alone.  Luckily, the line wasn’t more than about 30 minutes but I had my nose in my phone playing Candy Crush the whole time, again.  I felt like all eyes were staring at the loser all by herself.

What is interesting about this is that, in the past 10 years I’ve had an AP, I’ve gone to the Parks alone before.  Although, I’ve noticed that each time it becomes less and less enjoyable and more and more lonely.


White Rabbit DJ (DJ Wendy Walker)

Space Mountain was pretty much the only ride I rode.  I walked back to the DCA to get my free sample of a Ghiradelli Caramel Square  (I deserved it with the amount of walking I did and they are only 100 calories) then headed towards Mad T Party to watch the band, another thing that The Boy never allows me to do.



DJ Wendy Walker was the White Rabbit DJ this night.  I will certainly miss DJ Jason Jass on my Friday night visits.  I enjoyed some dancing (more exercise) and the Mad T Party band.

These performers are so much fun to watch.  They are so animated and seem to really love what they are doing and are having fun doing it.  These seem like people who didn’t let anyone put them down with something like “You can’t perform at a kiddie park as a cartoon character! Get a real job!” (said in my mother’s voice because that is totally something she would say to me).  They are all also super talented.  My personal favorite is the Cheshire Cat drummer, pictured below.   Not only is Cheshire Cat my favorite Alice in Wonderland character but who doesn’t love a great drummer!


Cheshire Cat Drummer

I ended up timing things rather perfectly  because as the Mad T Party ended and DCA was preparing to close, it was just enough time to make a mad walking dash to get back to Disneyland to catch the 10:30 showing of Fantasmic, yet another show The Boy never allows me to sit and watch.

My favorite part is the wonderful Maleficent Dragon that appears in all it’s glory at the ending of the show. It’s super big.

20130817_224923The park was closed after that.  I waited a while for the crowds to disperse then left.

I will miss taking my Disney photography, some of which you can see here.

I’m sure I will find other means of entertainment.  I still have my Universal Studio AP which is turning out to be fun each time we go.  It’s just a bit farther of a drive and I hate Los Angeles traffic.  I know that preparations are being made for Harry Potter to be built at Universal Hollywood soon so I’m sure they will gain a lot of popularity after that and their AP’s will go up tremendously.

I will probably get Disney passes again sometime in the future.  Right now, it just doesn’t seem worth it.  Also, as The Boy is getting older and he is getting more into Hockey, that is where all my extra money is going.  And food because he won’t stop eating.


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