Weekly Weigh In – Things don’t hurt

My feet don’t hurt anymore

There was a time when I would go to Disneyland on a Friday night with The Boy and get there around 6:30 and by 9:00, sometimes even 8:00, my feet were killing me.  And I’m not talking about “oh my feet ache a little”…no it would be I literally can’t walk or stand.  I distinctly remember one night where I couldn’t even walk back to the car only after walking around the parks for a little bit.  I would have to constantly be sitting down to rest them.  When I finally got home, I would have to lay down and elevate them on a pillow or they would get REALLY puffy the next morning.  I also remember how exhausted I would get.

On Saturday, I went to the parks by myself.  I had my music on my phone, my earbuds in and I was walking.  At one point, I was walking so fast I realized I had just walked from one end of the park to the other.  I, of course, stopped to ride something and eat, but for the most part, I walked from the time I got there around 4pm until I left at 11pm.  I didn’t feel one ounce of exhaustion.  And I even danced at Mad T Party!

It really makes you wonder how much strain and stress weight can put on feet and even the knees, hips and back.

Size 12’s

I have finally gotten into a size that I haven’t been since before I was pregnant, 10 years ago.  I did post about it but now, after wearing the pants and working them in, I’m even wondering if I should have gotten the 10’s!  They are loose after a few hours of wearing them.  But I’ll wait until they are falling off like my 16’s were.

Anyway, what were today’s results??

 2 more lbs down!

Total: 40 lbs lost as of May 4, 2013! 

LilySlim Weight charts

BMI is the same as last week so I’ll skip it.

The mother of all shots hurt today.  I usually get all my injections in my arm but with this one, I may have to switch to getting the shot in my backside.  It made my whole arm throb for an hour after getting the shot and it was really swollen at the injection site.

I will admit I was a little disapointed to only see the 2 lbs as I’m so close to getting out of the 200’s and espiecally after last weeks weigh in of 8 lbs lost, but I have to remember, last week’s weigh in was after a month.  So, 2 lbs a week is a steady loss.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In – Things don’t hurt

  1. 2lbs a week is the perfect, healthy pace! Good for you! It’s so fantastic that you’re feeling healthier and have more energy/less pain! Feeling good is such a great motivator. Thank you for sharing!

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