This heat can suck an EGG!

It’s definitely going to be a “in the movie theatre all day” kind of weekend.  I’m pretty much just going to go to a movie and when the movie ends, walk outside, pay for another, then walk right back in.  Especially now that I got my AMC Stubs card, I can earn free snacks and such.  I have to get back that $12 a year I’m spending on being in that Program.

It has been 102+ this past week (AccuWeather app on my phone is a liar saying it’s 86) and humidity at 500% (exaggeration to get the friggin’ point across).

From the local news website:

96 – Warm with intervals of clouds and sunshine; a shower or thunderstorm in spots this afternoon

Thunderstorms?  Rain? Blegh!  I love the rain but not when it’s 96.  It poured down pretty good on Tuesday.  I HATE this weather.  I hate everything about it.  To have the humidity of Florida is not typical for California weather so that pisses me off even more.  Heat, in general, and the sun, I can tolerate because this is California and I do live only miles from the deserts of Barstow, but humidity!  My hair hates it too.  I am keeping myself from chopping it off just to spite the weather but that would only hurt me.

Is it pumpkin season yet?!


What gets me is that it is 100 outside with humidity at 100% and Kohl’s is selling sweaters and long sleeved tops.  Huh?!  I did happen to find 2 tops on sale at $10 off each and then used a $10 off coupon THEN used $10 Kohl’s Cash.  I basically got a top for free because they were originally $40.

Tonight, is a Quakes baseball game with The Boy and my sister.  It’s a Family Night for his school so lots of his friends will be there.  The Quakes are the local minor league baseball team with it’s affiliation to The Dodgers.

Their mascots are Tremor and Aftershock.


Yeah, they represent all things California, regarding earthquakes.  Wouldn’t it be interesting if there actually WAS an earthquake during a Quakes game!  Uh, I’m going to shut my mouth now.

Gotta love some baseball though.  After the game they will be showing The Sandlot inside the stadium.

So, hopefully I can STILL love it while I’m melting like the Wicked Witch of the West in this weather.



Any thoughts?

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