15 years from now, you will be learning how to put on Ice Hockey gear…

If someone told my 21 year old self, in between glow sticking raves and drinking, that 15 years later, I would be on YouTube, learning how to properly put on Ice Hockey gear, my 21 year old self would have laughed and dropped another Shroom!

The Boy has progressed out of Hockey 1 lessons and his instructor told him he can start the Hockey Clinic given at the rink.  To start this clinic, which includes more lesson time and an extra 30 minutes of scrimmage, he needs to have full gear.

I went searching and ended up finding a nice man on Craigslist who was selling not only youth gear but a nice hockey bag to go with it.  I got every piece of gear required plus the bag for $75!


Not actual gear but it was all this and some extras like the socks and elbow pads

When we got home I realized, I have NO idea how this gear goes on.  So I went to YouTube and a cute little hockey player showed me how to properly put the gear on The Boy.

He is so excited for lessons tomorrow he is bursting at the seams!  He won’t be starting the Clinic until October so he can get used to playing with his gear.

Once again, a new adventure in the World of Boys and yet another reason for me to thank the Lord that I did not have a girl because this is all to fun!


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