Oh puhleeze!

Do Alice AND Mary Poppins REALLY think they will catch Blunt’s attention?

What Blunt needs are females who are not children and prone to hookah sniffing (buh bye Alice) and not so narcissistic that they can’t stop looking at themselves when they see their reflection in anything shiny (yeah Mary, you keep telling yourself you are “Practically Perfect in Every Way”).

BLC needs me, Snow White.


I’m about as pure as pure gets and I’m only waiting for my Prince (BLC) to sweep me up to his Death Star in the clouds.

I mean look how cute we could be?!?


And Woody can join us to!  Who doesn’t love a cowboy in chaps!

Uh, can we can bring the 7 dwarves with us…maybe?




11 thoughts on “Oh puhleeze!

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