Endurocross it is!

I swear, I lost my estrogen a LONG time ago!  All I do now are “boy” things!

We are going to another Motocross event and I’m excited, just not excited for the noise as those bikes are super loud but man these are some talented (and HOT) guys.  The last Motocross event we went to, the loud popping sound effects mixed in with the loud motorcycles blew my ear drums out.  But it was a small price to pay to the Motocross gods.  It was fun.  That event was a show though, not a race.  This event tomorrow, is a race.

Photos from an event in Las Vegas May 3, 2013.  Photos from endurocross.com and by Drew Ruiz

It’s just another reason for me to LOVE having a son!  And damn do I spoil him! HA!


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