God gave me an answer…

I know that recently, I shook my fists, per say, in the face of God.  I hoped He understood that I was frustrated and confused.  I didn’t understand how my loyalty to myself and to Him through myself was not being rewarded.

He answered….with Love, as is His way.  I returned that answer with a visit to Church on Sunday to give Him thanks for His forgiveness and for not leaving my side.

I will not go into to much detail as to my Saturday evening with him but I will say, it was positive.  There was good conversation and the event we were at was family friendly, (my kid was there as was his father who he brought with one of the two tickets I gave him) and the environment allowed for casual interaction.  No pressure at all.  The suite we were in has 12 seats plus 4 bar seats, one of the bar seats I was in.  Out of 15 seats to choose from he chose to sit RIGHT next to me at a bar seat.  That was a plus for me!  Also, he got me a margarita and said he found the VIP lounge, something that our suite tickets have access to.  So he said next time we go to an event we should try and be kid free and hit the VIP lounge.  Uh…yes please!!

Overall, the evening, I believe, leaned very much towards the positive side of the spectrum.  He was very receptive to my questions regarding his past and he had enough interest in my side of the conversation.  We had a few laughs and cracked some jokes with each other.

I spent hours on beautifying myself before going.  I straightened my hair so it was like long black silk.  I put my glasses away and did the contacts (dealing with the itchy eyes) and put on makeup.  I looked like a really beauty as I did not have multiple chins and my skin was like white porcelain since my face has been smoothing and clearing up since eliminating greasy foods from my diet.  For the first time in my life, I looked in the mirror after I was all done with face, hair and putting the outfit together and I said to myself “wow….just wow…”.

It was an amazing feeling.  However, to top off that amazing feeling was the feeling I felt after I saw his eyes, staring at me when he saw me.  Usually, he sees me at the parking lot of the kids’ school, with glasses and frazzled from a crazy day at work.  He stared for quite some time.  Maybe I was reading into it to much.  Honestly, I don’t care because regardless, it felt phenomenal.

For me, it’s all about the children.  Whether this grows into something or not, those kids are super adorable and they deserve to have positive interactions as much as possible in their lives.  Since having my own child and interacting with other children, I’ve learned to embrace their innocence and sometimes just laugh at their reactions to certain situations, no matter how ridiculous or frustrating those reactions can be.

I would be tickled pink to get to know his children more, especially the girl.  Being a single mother to a boy has allowed for a lot of my “girly” nature (something of which I barely had to begin with) to pretty much disappear.  Their mother, his ex-wife, according to him, is an addict and all around not good person.  From what information he volunteered to tell me, she is on the way out of the kids’ lives soon enough.  She is the lowest of the low to abandon her children and has a warm seat in hell, next to my ex-husband who abandoned his son.  So when she is with the kids she is not a mother to her daughter as a mother should be.  They don’t do their hair or dress up pretty.  According to him, their mother is actually a gross person who doesn’t shower…..no joke, that is what he said!  I just didn’t understand how any woman in their right mind could let themselves go far enough to not showering when they had a husband like him.  Granted, I don’t know anything about him personally but on the surface, he is a good looking gentlemanly guy.

So sad for the children.

I was a bit discouraged that phone numbers weren’t exchanged at the end of the evening, especially after discussing getting his kids and my Boy together for outings, but all in all, still very positive vibes were felt.  I have a problem with impatience.  When I want something I want it NOW.  I must tell myself to be patient or I may chase him away.


Anyway, it was very positive.  I am taking The Boy to see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 this weekend or possibly go bowling and I’m considering inviting him and his kids to come with us.  So, hopefully, phone numbers get exchanged soon (I still see him regularly at the kids’ school when we pick them up) so we can get the kids together.

However, my sister advises that, since I offered the event tickets to him for Saturday, that was my turn and now, the ball is in HIS court and I should wait for HIM to ask for my number.

What do you all think?!?!?


5 thoughts on “God gave me an answer…

  1. Hmm….. I agree, wait and see if he offers something to get together. If he doesn’t come up with anything after a few weeks it would be okay to offer a movie together. Sometimes even if guys, especially with kids, want to see someone they still are clueless about what to do that isn’t going to scare someone away. He may want to see you but be unsure of how you felt since your son was with you. If after the second time he doesn’t make plans, then I wouldn’t plan on seeing him again.

    • Poop…I know you are right. I was thinking of not offering MY phone number to him today or this week and wait for HIM to offer HIS number but I didn’t think that I should wait for offering a movie or a bowling outing with the kids. I was just gonna suggest it like “hey I’m taking The Boy to see a movie, did you want to come with the kids?” and kind of hope numbers would be exchanged then…

      Bah and Poop! LOL

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