My insides feel like they are on fire…

No, not with the fiery feelings of love (although more on that to come later).

No, not with the fire furnace of a heavily boosted metabolism due to constant exercise (booyah! I not longer have the metabolism of a snail!).

I have the infliction of enlarged ovaries.  I was officially diagnosed with enlarged ovaries back in 2009 at the local hospital’s Emergency Room.  I went in because it felt like someone was shoving a hot poker into my lower mid section and it travelled around to my back.  They gave me a scan and found that it was enlarged ovaries causing the problem.

Since then, some months are better than others when it comes time for the ovaries to do their job.  Some months, it hurts so bad I can’t stand up straight.  Some months, I feel nothing and it goes by without a hitch.

Last night, the pain actually woke me up at 2 in the morning and I knew this was not going to be a “go without a hitch” month.  I was in and out of sleep and this morning, I’m in agony.  It is subsiding a little bit but it’s just this dull ache in my whole belly area.  So far, the research I’ve done on enlarged ovaries has pretty harmless outcomes, just painful.  It very rarely ends in ovarian cancer BUT….you never know.

I recently had an ultrasound done to follow up and check on these enlarged ovaries to make sure if there is something growing in them, which causes them to be enlarged, that it is benign tumor and nothing serious.  Or it could be just tissue growth which is harmless as well.  In my research, the only sentence I read that was a bit unnerving was “However, in some cases, the enlarged ovary may twist or become dysfunctional. “  I would assume “dysfunctional” means I can kiss any aspects of having any more children good bye for good.  That made me just a bit sad.

I have a follow up appointment next week to get the results of the ultrasound and the Mammogram.


5 thoughts on “My insides feel like they are on fire…

    • I’m on the fence with the answer to that. It’s kind of like, if I get married again and we have another, that is fine. If I never have any more that is fine to. I think I would hate that I didn’t have any more children BECAUSE I had to have them removed.

      Not only that, if they removed them, I get thrown straight into menopause and that would suck big time.

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