You no use my picture!

So I got this email just a few minutes ago:

I have found my [name of photo] image on your blog and taken with out my permission. I charge a licensing fee to use my images on websites and this is lost revenue!! Since you took this with out asking you owe me $140.00 You can pay me via paypal to or remove the image post haste!!

I removed the image…

First of all, if I find a photo through a GOOGLE search, I try to give it credit such as “Photo found on” or “photo taken by Joe Cool and posted on”.

This persons’ image, which was a photograph, not a drawing or painting, was on a website where he was selling the image.  However, anyone could just right click and save the image to their computer.  It was also initially found through a Google search.  So, apparently he scours the interwebz on the lookout for his image being used?  Yeah, good luck with that.

Or, maybe I’m missing some sort of “Emily Post” of rules about images on random blogs as I thought crediting a image where I KNOW where it comes from was enough?  Can someone fill me in so I don’t do this again?  Because $140 is freakin’ insane just for a small 200×200 pixel image on a blog.  I’m not to good of friends with the concept of EXTORTION.


10 thoughts on “You no use my picture!

  1. If it is his intellectual property, then yes he can claim copyright. Although it does seem a bit off scouring the net for them.
    I have photographer friends, and some of them will spend more time on editing a photo than some artists would painting. In fairness, most photographers watermark their images to stop / discourage people from using them.

    • I understand about it being their work, but he had no watermark on the site he was selling them on. Like I said, as easy as right clicking and saving. But I didn’t find or post it that way. I found it through a Google search.

  2. Next time you are searching for an image, try Creative Commons ( It will only pull up images the authors have given the general public permission to use. There’s some differences, like some artists give permission to alter the image and some require that it be used as is, but none of them are going to come after you for payment (unless it’s clear you are earning money from their art) so it’s safer than google.

Any thoughts?

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