Go Dodgers!


Congratulations of each other after a good play from last nights Game 1. (Photo from Yahoo News)

That’s right folks. I am a Dodgers fan.  I’m actually third generation of Dodger fans.  My grandfather would have the game on religiously.  Just about every game from what I remember when I was younger.

Last night, The Boy and I got home, dropped all our stuff and turned on the game.  I quickly made dinner (BTW the Orange Chicken from Trader Joe’s is the BEST!) and then I went down to the workout room for a spin on the treadmill while watching the game.  I even as a maintenance guy to please please PLEASE turn the T.V. to the game…PLEASE!

This was my view during my workout last night…best ever!

This was my view during my workout last night…best ever!

It was the fastest workout ever, not because I cut it short but because, it just went by fast because I was concentrating on the game.  I also almost knocked myself off the treadmill after the first home run was hit by Adrian Gonzalez and I cheered.

I watched the rest of the game on my couch after my workout.  I let The Boy stay up until 9 to finish the game out.  There were some *icky* moments like where the pitcher kinda started to lose it but he was just kidding because all the sudden his pitching was spot on.  All in all, Clayton Kershaw pitched a pretty good 7 innings straight.

Dodgers win Game One, 6-1

Tonight is Game Two and I’m leaving The Boy with my parents and taking my sister out to watch it.  Unfortunately, being that the game is in Atlanta, it starts at 3pm my time (Pacific) so I will still be at work and will miss a big chunk of the game but that doesn’t mean I won’t be listening to it on my cell phone at work.  Then when 5:00 rolls around…I’m outta here! Hopefully, we can catch the last few innings with other Dodger fans at a local bar.  I haven’t done the local bar scene for a sports game since the Lakers had their winning streak in 2000.

So, I kinda wondering…how am I still single?  I mean…I love me some sports…I’ll cheer with the rest of them and actually PREFER a good sports bar, a beer and a good ball game over shopping ANY day.  Add that to the smokin’ hot body that I’m getting….and I wonder that there must be something else wrong with me?



Any thoughts?

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