Hockey and Zombies

What a great combination huh?!?  How about zombies PLAYING hockey!  Don’t we all wish.  But no, this is just two subjects put into one post.


Ontario Reign Hockey has begun and they are off to a great start!  Saturday, we had ice seats to the Pre-Season game and it was fun, of course!  Also, during the Chuck a Puck, which is where you buy little foam pucks to throw into the bed of a Toyota Tundra, my puck got in the bed AND was picked to be entered to win the truck!  Of course, that won’t happen until the end of the season in April but still, it was nice to hear my number announced!

They won and it was a good game.


I got video of a pretty good fight. The Boy gets all pumped up with fights.

Sheesh, so much violence! LOL

Next game is this Saturday.  Also, the venue that houses these games is starting a Soccer league this year so hopefully I can make it to a few of those to!

Zombies (Warning: Spoilers ahead….enter at your own risk)

Season 4 of The Walking Dead has started.  Strange things are afoot in the prison and I have a feeling I will begin to start watching with a pillow around my face

Remember….me = scaredy cat

First, is there an AIRBORNE illness now?!  We see a dying, then soon dead, pig.  We get strange looks from Rick as he thinks.  Then we see a sick, with what seems like the flu, young man in the group.  He just looks like he’s got a flu.  Last scene, he dies after hacking into the water/shower supply.  He drops dead, alone, in the middle of the night, on the shower floors.

Two living things die simultaneously can mean many things.  One, they are getting their vegetables and food from the ground near where Walkers are all dying.  Maybe the Walker fluid is infecting the crops.  Two, there is something airborne going on.  No longer do you need to get bit or just die to turn.  However, this contradicts that everyone is infected and once dead, if not shot or stabbed in the brain, they turn.

Or it could be door number 3, which is what I think it is.  I think that the boy who died, simply, just died.  People do die for random things and this new world doesn’t look like the most sanitary place to be.  He may have just been a sickly boy to start off with, couldn’t handle the fever and died.  Another possibility could be that being that all are infected, it could break down the immune system?  This boy could have been the start of ongoing sickness? And possibly, sickness is a bit stronger in this world.

The main problem was that no one knew he was dead to be able to dispose of him properly.  It was in the middle of the night, and of course, he would change.  It was an unfortunate coincidence that he drops dead, in the middle of the night, with all asleep, in the back showers of their facility.  Meaning, he’s going to get up, and start biting whatever he can.  Of course, this theory could be tossed out by simply pointing out how fast he got sick then dropped dead.  That, may point it right back to something airborne.  However, if he did just get sick and randomly secretly died, they will have to start monitoring when people die.  Or else, they will end up with dead changing and going on a biting rampage before they can get to them.

We shall see!

_2013-10-10T11-30-40_1d649530c8cb443589a26fe2137568bd-c8ad30e62bb9cf223f0f6a706700342cThen there is Creepy Clara in the woods.  I thought for SURE that they were going to introduce some sort of hybrid talking Walker/Human.  This woman was disgustingly gross!  She was growing fungus on her face!

It turns out, she was just insane.  I have a feeling there will be more insane humans randomly walking around that are alive and not dead.  And it was weird for me because, she had the same name as me.

All in all, it’s gonna get ugly fast for those in the Prison.  The Apocalypse Utopia they created in the prison won’t be lasting for long.


Any thoughts?

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