My blog will be going PRIVATE.  To be able to access my blog is by invitation only.

I am doing this for one main reason and that is I really don’t like that as of late, I’ve had VERY shady followers.  Some followers are spam followers but last straw for me was a porn blog that started following me.  I thought that WP didn’t allow porn to use as their blog but apparently that is a lie.  I don’t feel comfortable with those kinds of “blogger” following my posts.

If you would like an invite to my blog please request such in this post.  Posting will be the only way that I will send you an invite.

It will be going private within the next day.



*EDIT* I wanted to add that I will also be cleaning up the blogs that I follow.  More than likely if I have noted that you want to be invited, I’ll not drop following you 🙂


23 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT!

  1. I had some weirdo keep posting “comments” and likes and when you went over his avatar (which was some creepy monster thing) all these porn images would come up. Ugh. I reported it, but kept seeing him for a while after that. I’ve also been reblogged on marketing sites – like wtf you want to see recaps of 50 Shades of Grey? Really?

    I’ve just started following you – if you want to let me in, that’s great. If not, I’d still love to see your comments on my blog. Good luck with everything.

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