Re-thinking the car of my dreams

First, I will say yes, the car of my dreams is super girly. Ask me if I care?!


I really wanted a VW Beetle, preferably the newest model, in Candy Red and who knows, maybe I WOULD have put the eyelashes on the headlights or the black spots to make it look like an actual lady bug.



I am currently driving a VW 2009 Jetta and have been for the past year. In all honesty, it sucks. The amount of things wrong with it and the money I’m putting into it should not be happening to a 2009.  With that and on top of the fact that apparently VW parts are hard to come by and expensive, therefore fixing it pretty much costs 2 months salary.  Or maybe I’m just dumb.

Either way, I think I may have to re-consider a VW when I can finally afford the car of my dreams, which would be after I’m done bringing down what I owe on this Jetta pile of trash car so I can use it for some sort of trade in.

I’m remembering the cars I’ve had in the past and I would say the Toyota Matrix and the Nissan Murano were my most favorite.

matrix-barbershopThe Matrix took a huge hit when I ran something over on the freeway and got the front bumper ripped off.  It was also the car that drove me, every day, almost 100 miles from my parents house to Los Angeles.  It was very reliable in that sense.  The reason why I got rid of that car was because my ex-husband’s name was also on it.  I traded that car in for the Nissan Murano

MuranoThe Murano I really liked.  I didn’t have any troubles with it.  It traded in for a nice value as well.  Now, WHY did I trade it in?  I think I was getting that “itch” for something new.  I should have just gotten a new Murano.  Getting rid of the Murnao was a mistake though because that was a good car and I hardly had ANY trouble with it.


So, I’m leaning towards another Nissan, maybe a Murano or maybe a Juke.  I really like the Jukes.  I like how the Jukes are round in the front with the weird rounded headlights.  I like sleek rounded cars.  Yes, I’m weird like that.

I don’t even know why I’m thinking about this at all.  It’s going to take me 5 years to pay off my piece of crap Jetta because it’s all going to interest.  I won’t be able to highly consider another car until I’m walking with a cane or win the lottery.


Any thoughts?

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