Kings Tickets? Yes please!

I hold in my hand these…..


The Boy and I will be seeing the Kings play the Canucks this Saturday evening.  As I look back in my life, I never, ever thought I would EVER get excited over going to a Kings hockey game.  In my youth, I barely knew hockey existed.  That wasn’t the sport I was raised on.  We were baseball (Dodger) fans.  Also, my father was never the sports kinda guy and I only had a younger sister.  No real brothers to speak of and no other men in my life so I never really was around sports much at all except for the occasional Dodger game.

This is a whole new world for me and I really am loving it.

This is the virtual view of our seats in the Premier section.

Kings seats

I wonder if they will allow me to bring in my Canon SLR to take some photos….


4 thoughts on “Kings Tickets? Yes please!

  1. OHHHH girl you are soooo lucky!!
    Being Canadian this is my national sport. Both my girls play hockey and are goalies.
    Those tickets here would be worth almost $500 each. Have a good time, and drink in all the excitement!

    • OMGosh! $500! That is $1000 for both! You can’t say that to me because honestly, I could really use the $1000 to fix my car which is going to break down on me at any moment. I didn’t buy these, they were given to me by the attorney I work for.

      • I really don’t know how much they would go for where you live, I can only say from the Toronto area, lol.
        I am def not telling my younger daughter that you are going to see Vancouver that’s her fav team!

        • I looked it up…they were about $150 each, if I looked at the right ticketing website.
          Yeah, I’m actually really excited, regardless if I could use the cash they would be worth or not. It’s an adventure!

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