And THIS is why I don’t trust humans….

I was out of WP for a while but have slowly returned.  At one point many months back, I posted for BlackBox Warnings.

I have just found Calamity Rae and her post about Le Clown who was well known and held high in the WordPress community, has been featured on Freshly Pressed and interviewed by WP themselves.

After reading ALL the stories and seeing many come out of the woodworks with similar stories as Calamity’s, it turns out this person was a phony, a predator and an all around horrible sexual creep.

At first, I thought it safe to assume this person was just someone who says what they want and didn’t know where humor can turn into harassment.  Usually I ignore those types of people.  But if you go to read Calamity Rae’s account, it is disturbing.  Not only was he not who he says he was but he was targeting and harassing many.  I had a few email interacts with Le Clown when I had my BBW post published but I never conversed with him more than talking about my post, when I will have it done and such.  I never saw the need to have interaction past that.

What really boils me is when he begs Calamity, “oh please don’t out me, think of my family….”….think of your FAMILY…why? YOU certainly weren’t thinking of them.  As much as it’s awful there has to be collateral damage involved, this is what happens when one makes certain choices.  There are consequences and those consequences will not only affect you but those around you.  This is why I am always saying “think before you speak/act”.

What frightens me the most is that I posted in BBW and now, that post and the whole BBW, is gone or at least not visible to me anymore.  It was about my relationship with my mother which, since then, has actually improved tremendously.  I think it was selfish of him (on top of his other abhorring qualities) to shut us all out of our entries in the BBW, if that is what happened.  If there is a way to see our posts in the BBW then I would like to know.

It is just situations like this that make me shun the human race.  No one on this PLANET can be trusted!

I’m really just so sick and tired of people like Le Clown and the control that they continue have.  My grandfather had it over my mother, my sister, even myself at some point and just about every other woman in our family.  Even 1 ½ years after his death, he still has the hold on us, through situations that snowballed because of his actions and rolled over even after his death.  Hence, he still controls us from the friggin grave!  There are emotions and feelings that will never mend even if he died 1000 deaths.

I’m sick and tired of humans who want to control and manipulate then laugh as they turn your soul into a sniveling pile of dung goo.  Some people rise from it, as I believe Calamity and many others who have spoken out have, but some people drag themselves further into the abyss of control and usually take others with them.

And this is why, I will never love again.  It is to risky to trust someone who is probably living another online life anyway.


3 thoughts on “And THIS is why I don’t trust humans….

  1. There are more of us than there are predators. And together we took one down. He’s gone from WordPress. Because people like us stood up.

    As far as BBW goes, I heard that some people were emailed their posts. I’m not sure if they had to ask for it first. You might check out emails. If not, I’m sorry. I know it sucks to lose work – I recently lost some writing I spent hours on into the depths of cyberspace. That’s one thing that’s bad about computers. Work with pen and paper can’t just got poof, at least.

    • You are right, there are very good people out there. But this story just takes the cake. I can’t believe that someone would go through such trouble to lead a totally different online profile, then again, I might be admitting how naïve I am by saying that. Because I DO believe it happens…I just can’t believe it does…if you get my point.

      Thanks for the suggestions about the BBW.

  2. You can NEVER trust a clown ….. they scare the heck out of me. That whole situation was eye opening, i was stunned to read all about it!! Try looking in your sent folder in your email account, it might still be there.

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