I decided that my situation is what it is.


I am home today because I dont have money to put gas in my car.....


I'm mutilating friendship because I'm an attention whore....

I walked The Boy to school, dropped him off, then I kept walking for another hour around the neighborhood. I walked and walked. Then I realized, my legs felt like they were going to fall off and that I actually could have walked to the moon if I hadnt been jerked back into reality. I promptly returned back home and I’m now sitting here, drinking a smoothie, with a migraine developing wondering why I’m still here and wondering if The Nothing will ever just win.


2 thoughts on “Fine….

  1. I had the same feeling this weekend. Run-walked around the block, rode exercise bike, even jumped on the flipping trampoline. The doc says exercise helps with mood. Yeah right.

    I’m at work, but I haven’t actually accomplished anything . .

Any thoughts?

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