Moving to Idaho, Done with California

Goodbye California

I am a native of California. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area.

I am moving to Boise, Idaho.

Why Boise and why the move?  Here is why:

  • Family and friends are there:

Yes, we have close friends of the family and actual family who live there.  That helps for getting to know a new place.  Also, my older sister live just a few hours away, in Montana. Win-Win!

  • My own family finally decided to make the move:

Finally…FINALLY! everyone is on board.  That makes things easier for me since my family is my help with things and as much as their personalities really rack my nerves, they are still blood.  Of course, the move wasn’t set in stone until my sister lost her job for the 2nd time in under a 2 year period and couldn’t find another and realized the neighborhood her condo is in is going down the crapper.  And she got a pretty little penny with the sale of her home….more than enough for a sizable down payment on a house in Boise that is bigger than her condo and plus a back yard and minus the drug dealers next door.  She’s sitting pretty and honestly, I’m happy for her. She’s been through a lot, owning a home here.

  • Cost of living:

Uh…obvious. California is no longer livable to those who are not a) super rich and b) super poor.  Meaning middle class gets the boot.  Just as one example, my 755 Sq. Ft. 2 bedroom apartment costs $1,557 a month.  From my research, on average, a 780 Sq Ft 2 bedroom apartment is about $780… the math.

  • Jobs….the lack thereof here and the overwhelming response to my resume in Boise

It really is unbelievable how my resume, received SO many responses and the same for my sister.  Here, they received nothing.  I’ve had responses from Boise PD (as a civilian clerk) and various law firms (legal secretary is my preference or back into a P.D.)  The funny thing is…the pay for some of these jobs, is just about the same as here in California.  That coupled with the lower cost of living would be phenomenal!  My sister got a response to her resume in Boise and they offered her the SAME amount as what she was getting paid here!  That really does say a world….no a universe of things.

  • Schooling and The Boy

I have the Boy to think about and luckily, he is all for this move.  Mainly it’s because Boise has an awesome ice Hockey program and great minor league there.  The scores on all the schools are really good.

Now I know there are downfalls and I’m sure we’ll run into them but I’m done living here.  What I find interested is that since this decision has finally been made and the wheels are turning for the move, things are literally falling into place, piece by piece.  My sister sold her house within a day of putting it on the market and she got the asking price.  I receive responses from many city jobs in Boise, especially the P.D.

I’ve hated it here for a while and I think a lot of living here has contributed to my stress and the stress contributed to my recent back and leg issues.  I am done with illegals taking over this state (yes, I said it…close the damn borders). I can’t even enjoy the places I used to in the past, such as Disneyland because people are just assholes.  Yes, I know, stupid people will be everywhere.  I’m not dumb to that.  And I’m done paying through the nose for an average life with people who just get handouts for free because they didn’t do it the right way.  I’m just done.


10 thoughts on “Moving to Idaho, Done with California

  1. Welcome to Idaho! I’m so glad more people are realizing Idaho isn’t such a bad place to be. I moved here almost 9 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia and I am finally just starting to recognize the beauty of it. I hope Idaho treats you and your family well!

  2. Well, looks like we’ll probably NOT get around to getting coffee. 😦 Totally understand the desire to relocate though – I’m currently up in Victorville but want to move to Washington. I so feel you about the cost of living! Unless I win Publishers Clearing House, I can’t afford CA either. But starting over somewhere new sounds exciting. I wish you the best!

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