Do what you love….

Dutch Bros

Do what I love? Do you really want me TO???

Today, my Dutch Bros. Coffee told me to “Do What you love…”

Well I love having sex!  Does that count?  I wished I could do that all day!  Or maybe it should say something along the lines of “Do what you love but make sure that you won’t get arrested for indecent exposure…”  That would probably be a more specific statement for my coffee to tell me.

By the way, Dutch Bros is the best #1 coffee on the planet. I gave up renewing my Gold Membership to Starbucks for filled up stamp cards to Dutch Bros. Yes that’s right…I turned my back on Starbucks.  Well, I do go still but definitely not as much. Besides, there is only like ONE Starbucks in the city I live in!  Well, two if you count the one in the Fred Meyers.  I love the Fred Meyers to!  I just love it here…PERIOD!


Any thoughts?

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