Cats have feeling to…


And apparently, mine does, but he did have a reason.

I’ve been in my new apartment for just under a month now.  My cat has taken to meowing for long periods of time at night.  His demeanor has changed slightly since his living arrangements have changed a bit.  He went from a big apartment to run around to being locked into one solitary room for 6 months straight.


Uh, maybe cuz he’s a LITTLE BITCH!

But just last night, he was yet again, walking around, meowing at the wind, when I realized what was happening.  I now see that he meows in middle of night at all the other cats roaming the apartment complex because apparently, there is an array of them.  I heard one last night…from across the complex.  Now, it could have been meowing from the window of it’s home, I could care less but this little fucker was loud!

And there sat my Cat, meowing in the direction of his whining girlfriend.

Goddamn CAT, I love him!


Any thoughts?

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