Life is messy….yet very clean


roller coaster

And on and on the roller coaster goes….

I realized that I needed to find SOMETHING that would move my frame of mind out of how my current job started off on the wrong foot back in March and get more positive.  It hit me.  They will pay for me to go back to college to finish my Psychology degree.

And they are…

boise-state-university-annual-family-holiday-conce-45So, within weeks I had my Boise State University application filled out turned in and all paperwork needed for the tuition waiver turned in. I was accepted as were my credits from the Community College I got my A.A. from back in California and graduated from in 2001.  I went to transfer student orientation last Friday and I start my 2 paid for classes in a week.

Being that I am working full time I will not be able to take a full schedule each semester but if I did, I would be closer to a Psych BS than I thought and would have been done in a year. But I work, which means only 2 classes or less per semester but that is going to work out fine because my employer only pays for 9 credits a semester anyway.  The road is a bit longer but it is drive-able.

I am excited. Mostly, because after many years of giving all of myself to others, after many years of suppressing my personality and what I enjoy and me being the one who has to do the changes, but more specifically of giving myself to being a mother, I am doing something for ME.  So as long as I stay with this employer, which I see happening, this will get done. UvpC1jt

And I love school. I always have. I love library’s and studying instruments. I’ve always been a “book” person.  I love getting organized for classes.  I prefer to actually going to a classroom setting but again, because of my schedule, it’s online classes for me….at least for now.  Until The Boy gets old enough to really be by himself, which is probably now, I just still have to test him.  He is 13 1/2 anyway….

Now I walk the long road that is tests and books.


Any thoughts?

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