I don’t want to be seen with my MOM….

So, it’s time for a Tarantino’d entry.

“I don’t want to be seen with my MOM….”

What made The Boy say the above?

Let’s go back…Let’s go back….

Since moving to this quaint little town in Idaho, we have been having trouble finding things to do. *Surprise, surprise*  So upon passing the local outdoor mall in our town, I mentioned to The Boy that we hadn’t been to that mall in a while.  The conversation goes like this:4608502

Me: “we haven’t been there in a while”

The Boy: “a lot of people I know from school go there”

Me: “well then you might run into some friends….?”

The Boy: “I can’t go with you. I can’t run into them and be seen with my MOM” 


I had nothing…..absolutely nothing in the form of a retort or witty comeback. I was just a mixture of hurt, amusement and yet I understood what he was saying and what he was meaning for I, at one point in my life, felt the same way to.

After the initial shell shock, I realized it was nothing personal.  The Boy just can’t be seen with his old, dilapidated and fat mom, apparently.

Fine! Are you 18 yet so you can get out of my house and stop eating my food and I can finally have a life of my own!64426295.jpgI kid of course….I love that boy to pieces!


“Man, she got SKINNY!”

It’s been a long time but here is yet another Tarantino’d posts……..

“Man, she got skinny!!!”

Why did The Boy tell me the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

I had completely forgotten to blog this experience.  It was one of the highlights of my weight loss journey and it comes from a small child.  The children are so innocent….yet VERY honest and that is what makes them brilliant!

A few Friday’s ago, I had picked up The Boy early from after school care.  I pulled into the parking lot and being that it was early, no cars were there.  They were on the field and he saw me pull up.  I got out, waved at him and got right back in the car to await his arrival.

Upon entering the car he told me his classmate asked him if that was his mother, waving at him from the parking lot.  He said yes and then his classmate said to him “Man, she got SKINNY!”

Kids are truly straight forward, blunt and honest humans.


“At least I do feel 24 hours clean…”

It’s been a long time but here is yet another Tarantino’d posts……..

“At least I do feel 24 hours clean…”

Why did The Boy say the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

My kid….he MUST only use Irish Spring Body Wash.  He calls it his “Man Soap”.  At Target the other day, I told him to go see which kind he wanted since there are apparently many different kinds of Irish Spring Body Wash.

He chose the 24 hour Deep Action Scrub.


His first use of it was last night.  This was his announcement upon exiting the bathroom.

“At least I do feel 24 hours clean…”

Oh I could only wish…..


I’m still laughing a bit.

“They are all leaving the Comic Con”

Bringing to you yet another Tarantino’d posts……..

“They are all leaving the Comic Con”

Why did The Boy say the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

I would actually like to more properly name this post “The Snails on Parade”

For the past month, upon leaving my apartment in the mornings, The Boy and I notice a lot, and I do mean A LOT, of snails moving around on the grassy areas in front and on the side of my unit.


Every little “white” speckle, is a snail

The Boy got a kick out of how many there were and how slow they were moving. 

The next thing he says is :  “Look, they are all leaving the Comic Con!

At first I was like, “Huh? What is this kid talking about!”, but then it hit me.

I did take him to the San Diego Comic Con many years ago, when he was around 6.  And yes, we stood in a LOOOONGGG line like what is pictured to the right.  This line went around the bay and in between buildings, just to get inside.  He somehow thought that this array of snails slinking across the grass and slowly getting over to the side walk, then walking behind each other, almost in a row, reminded him of our hours standing in that line, waiting to get into the Comic Con! 

I was entertained beyond belief!


Mama and Baby Snail

This morning, I was able to get this photo of what appears to be a Mama and Baby Snail.  The little one would not leave this big one’s side and the big one stopped when the little one did and never left his side.  I can only assume they were related.


“You have a cannon aimed at your head”

Bringing to you yet another of my famous Tarantino posts……..

“You have a canon aimed at your head”

Why did The Boy say the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

As many of you may know, I have Disneyland Annual Passes and have had them for the good part of the past 9 years.  So I go to the Park quiet often.

Therefore, I have ridden the famous ride Pirates of the Caribbean many many times.  However, during the last ride that I took when The Boy and I visted the Park this past Friday Night, he pointed out something to me that I have never noticed before on that ride.

We got through the ride ok and got to the jail and dog carrying the key scene….

Photo from Daveandlandweb.com - A GREAT Disney parks and dark ride photographer.

Photo from Davelandweb.com – A GREAT Disney parks and dark ride photographer.

Then, it seemed that the boats started to get backed up so we were waiting fairly long in the dark area right before the end scene where they are shooting across us with high explosives everywhere.

The next thing I hear is The Boy saying this:

“You have a cannon aimed at your head”

I must have given a WTF? look but then I looked to my right and yup, my face was about one foot from and staring down the barrel of a very large sized cannon…..


Not actual cannon but gets the point across  Photo from sharemickey.com

In all the many times I’ve ridden this ride, I have never noticed this canon.  It may have been because we normally don’t stop in this dark area for a very long time and even if we did, it was dark.  You would have to really look to notice this cannon was there and you would really need the time to look through the dark to notice it was there.

I found that amusing and even a bit unnerving.  Yet, how many times in one’s life can they say they looked down the dark barrel of an original cast iron cannon!

“Did he just flip me off!?”

Bringing you another Tarantino’d post.

Why did I say…
“Did he just flip me off!?”

Let’s go back…let’s go back…

Yesterday, I was driving on one of the worst freeways in Southern California. Well, they are all actually pretty bad because of bad drivers and bad road conditions.

Anyway, I was in the fast lane, going about 70. There was a car in front of me and I like to keep at least one car length between me and the car in front of me. So, I wasn’t going any faster than that.

Apparently, this was not good enough for the motorcycle behind me. Not only did he pass me up, which would have been fine in and of itself, except he flipped me the bird while doing it.

I asked The Boy “Did he just flip me off?!”


This motorcyclist then proceeded to get behind the car in front of me, waited a while then passed him up while flipping that driver off.

This motorcyclist had a vendetta!!!

I also thought he had a lot of nerve. I’m driving a two ton vehicle compared to his 500 pound motorcycle. (I may be off with those weights but you get the point). If I was a totally different person, I don’t know maybe someone a with a short trigger, his little motorcycle would be nothing compared to my car.

This type of thing happens all the time on these freeways. People are just so angry on the road.

“At least I aimed it the other way!”

I bring you, another of my Tarantino entries….

What made The Boy say:

“At least I aimed it in the other way!”

Let’s go back…Let’s go back….


The following is what I guess I have to look forward to when raising a boy.

My parents came over to visit. We were all sitting on the couch watching America’s Funniest Home videos. The Boy is sitting on my mother’s lap.

Out of no where, he very quickly quickly gets up and steps away about 2 feet then turns his back towards the open sliding glass door, all of this, only a few feet from us, he bends down, kinda half way at the knees and….

fart sign

The Boy farted….

Then he laughs…

I know the look I gave him…it was kinda like…


It was embarrassing because it was like I was raising him in a barn!

I yell his name in shock and horror….

And he says:

“At least I aimed it the other way!”

Then I laughed…I laughed and laughed. I couldn’t help it! It was kinda funny. But I was laughing because he never does that…

And hey, at least he got off my mom’s lap. He meant well.


I will explain my Tarantino posts

Quentin Tarantino….I adore him. I have since Kill Bill.

And that movie is the basis of my references to my “Tarantino” entries.

Kill Bill, both Volumes, started from the middle as we see her seeking revenge for some reason (hence the quotes at the beginning of my posts)…then we go back in time to start to understand why she sought her revenge (hence the story is revealed after I present the “quote” its based on).

Therefore, the entry has been Tarantino’d.

If you still don’t get it, just think about it for a while, you will.

“I want to be the first man to walk on Pluto…”

Bringing you yet another Tarantino entry……..

What made The Boy say:

I want to be the first man to walk on Pluto…”

Let’s go back…Let’s go back….


So apparently school has now become fun. They are doing standardized testing now so there will be no spelling homework for the next three weeks. Instead, he is learning about Science and the planets. This makes the boy VERY happy. He loves everything Science and outer space. And when The Boy actually likes what he is learning, homework tends to get done and grades tend to go up. He even said “I like getting A’s” …….”

So he continues on talking about what he likes about the things they are learning in Science and that he will be learning about Pluto….tumblr_lwc4xonjBK1qhzm9zo11_r1_500

No, not that Pluto. The one that was a planet but lost planet status because it was to small. Poor Pluto.

Anyway, he then proclaims to me in a prominent and confident voice:

I want to be the first man to walk on Pluto…”

Well, alrighty then! Let’s not keep our dreams tethered down to the earth!

This made me giggle inside and it made me think are they trying to get people to be able to walk on Pluto, the planet that was a planet but is no longer? I mean, isn’t it like 500 degrees below zero or something? Well maybe close to 300 but wow is that cold! So I’m not sure I want my child romping around on it but…that was the first thoughts that came into my mind after I giggled and realized, he was serious.

My dreams are not that out there. All I would like to be able to do is oh…..I don’t know, maybe find a husband? But I kind of see The Boy walking on Pluto first (the dog or the Planet) before I ever find a husband).  HA!

“Today, I got a Citation…”

We are going to Tarantino this….

What made The Boy say:

“Today, I got a Citation…..”

Let’s go back…Let’s go back….

So around 4pm. I started to develop a headache. Along with nausea, and just being all around tired. It has been a busy weekend and I still have alot of moving ahead of me, just laying heavy on my shoulders.

I pick up The Boy at after school care and, as is the norm, I go to sign him out. He is sitting in the “time out” chair and I think “fantastic….”. He gets out of the chair and walks up to me with a sad, but kinda wierd smiley face and says this:

The Boy: “Today, I got a Citation and pulled three cards.”

I’m flabergasted because I’m wondering, a) why I wasn’t called about the citation and b) just what the HELL is wrong with him!

Then the laughs came and he says “April Fool’s”

Ha…ha…my kid the prankster. You know, I’ve hated April 1st since the day I realized what shenanagins and goings on happen that day and now, my kid is now jumping on the band wagon.

I had to laugh and I let him play Club Penguin after his homework because he did get it all done in a record time.

But I couldn’t help but laugh…

“What is that?”

We are going to Tarantino it again.

What is THAT?!”

What made the boy say the above….

Let’s go back…..Let’s go back….

I went to a wedding tonight. Just your typical “I do” and “I do” wedding. So we get to the part where we all get up and head over to the reception. Its in a nice banquet room at a hotel. Tables are wonderfully displayed with beautiful center pieces.

Then we see them all around the table. These strange rectangular shaped boxes with little windows and buttons….

The Boy: “What is THAT?!?!

What was it you ask…well it was this:


Disposable cameras were strategically placed all over the tables. Nothing unusual as this is a normal wedding reception custom.

However, my 9 year old son has NEVER seen nor used a disposable camera. He has only used the cell phone or my Canon DSLR.

I found this statement from him to truly be a generational gap hoot!

“I kicked the cat in the head…..”

“I kicked the cat in the head…..”

We are going to Tarantino this again….

What made the boy say the above?

Let’s go back…Let’s go back…

The boy normally sleeps pretty hard and well through the night. He can be in bed at 8pm and not wake up until 7am the next day. He’s a good sleeper, like his mama.

But there are some nights when he does wake up from a dream and wanders over to my bed for comforting that I will never deny. He did just this last night.

SO this morning, I get up and go about my normal routine. I come back into my room and the boy is sitting up apologizing profusely to the cat.

The Boy: “I’m so sorry that I kicked you in the head”

Cat: “meow”

The Boy: “Mommy, I kicked the cat in the head alot with my Mickey Mouse Slippers

Me: “I can believe it. I kick him all the time but you know what? He doesn’t move and chooses to sleep where the humans’ feet are so he is fine with it. If he didn’t like it, he would move.”

That seemed to soothe the boy’s over whelming guilty conscience. Yet it somehow increased mine, as I know I must kick the cat every night, but that is where he chooses to sleep!

“We have a great little family….”

So…I’m going to Tarantino this post.

What caused my son to say: “We have a great little family”?

Let’s go back….Let’s go back….

So I’ve been super stressed the past few weeks and its been building up. Yesterday, was some of the icing on the cake. I say some because I’m sure more overwhelming events will be in the near future, until I reach the middle of April when all this dust will have settled and I’m preparing or already fully engulfed in, my next raging battle.

Yesterday, I was finding out that this move from one unit in my apartment complex to another is coming out to be pretty darned expensive. But I should be able to squeak by, barely, hopefully.

So last night, looking around my moving box filled house and the mess my kitchen is with all my dishes, tupperware and glasses waiting to be packed, all over the counter, and I realize, I do not want to cook anything tonight.

“Son, wrap up the cat and let’s go to Sonic”

That is what I said and that means we are taking the cat for a joy ride


Or just going to Sonic and grabbing a bite while he meows in the back because he thinks I’m going to throw him out the sun roof.

I also got some errands done like dropping 2 boxes and two bags off at the Goodwill. The whole time having a meowing cat in the car while the boy tries to pet him calmly.

After errands, we pull up to the Sonic. We place our order, get it and eat…while the cat stares at us from the middle console between me and the boy.

That is when the boy says: “We have a great little family?”

Why yes, yes I guess we do. It was at that moment, for about 2.5 seconds I realized, I had no overwhelming worries, I had no financial problems or loneliness problems….I had a “great little family?”

In that aspect….I win!

BOOM!!! Ok…enough to see here..back to the reality that is work, financial stress, moving which is causing the financial stress as of late, and the frustrations of the California School Systems….