Just waiting to see Elsa around the corner!

I truly believe that I have never seen this must snow ever in my entire life.  Now, I’ve been around snow.  S. California does have mountains that can get pretty packed with the white stuff.  But I have never experienced it to this capacity.

I got stuck in front of my sister’s house last night. My car wouldn’t budge.  We shoveled the snow around the wheels.  We broke ice underneath the wheels.  We even used something my mother got from HSN that you put under the tire and it gives the traction.  That didn’t work either, surprise surprise.  After about an hour of digging and shoveling and running my tires into the ground (so it felt), I finally got out of the snow embankment on her curb with the help of my sister and 12 year old son pushing my car from behind, to give it momentum…..only to get stuck 20 feet further.  Wash….rinse and repeat.

Apparently, the County we live in, here in Idaho, doesn’t plow the residential streets.  But from what I’m hearing, this area hasn’t received almost 10 inches of snow in a few days since 1985!  So neighborhood streets are pretty much undriveable.  Everyone is getting stuck.

Yeah, that is a big “Welcome to Idaho” for me. My first winter really has me wanting to just sit in my apartment and binge watch every show out there.  I don’t even want to go to work.

But it is still very beautiful…IF I’m inside staring at it from through a window!


But on a much cooler note (pun is absolutely intended)…I won 2nd place at my apartments’ Xmas decorating contest….$100!  That was really an unexpected surprise.  I tend to be very competitive and I was kind of obsessing about winning this contest.




Hey! What’s all that white stuff!

Even though I am a bit white knuckled on my drive to and from work…this snow really gives me joy.  The Boy and I have made snowmen together and played in the piled up snow in our apartment complex’s courtyard.

Later tonight, I will be getting judged at my apartment complex for my balcony Xmas lights.  The snow will look lovely against them.


I’ll get a better picture later but roll call….Ralph the Dinosaur on the left, a real snowmen with the Matterhorn Yeti hat in the middle and Dolby the Dachshund on the right.  1st prize is $150 but some of the apartments look really good. I won’t win but it was fun.


This is a closer look at the Snowman with the Yeti hat but he has since melted. I’m hoping to be able to have time to make another before judging.

Good Morning….Insect of DEATH

I would like to press the “restart” button on this day.

I left my candle lit last night, out on my balcony.  I guess this attracts insects of the worse kind when they are rogue and lost and alone in the cold.


Not the actual culprit but this does accurately depict the actual size….yes, not joking

It welcomed a one inch Yellow Jacket onto my balcony back door.  So, when I went out this morning to blow out the candle, unbeknownst to me, it flew in through the open door behind me.  I did not see it until about 10 minutes later when I saw this HUGE thing with legs on my wall. As I inched closer, thinking it was one of the gargantuan flies that live in this state, I noticed the yellow stripes and antenna.

There it was. A Yellow Jacket.  I backed away slowly, about to run, then realizing, uh this bastard was in MY house…I don’t run!  This does not imply that I wasn’t scared out of my wits.

I announced to The Boy there was a Yellow Jacket in my room and to keep the cat out because the dumb cat would get in my way of killing it thinking it was a play toy and get himself stung!  And that is all I would need!  A wounded cat and a crying kid.  The Boy closed his door and refused to come out until I could present the Death Certificate of this monster.

*Sigh* I resigned to being late to work..

So I stopped my morning routine and attempted to kill this beast.  I grabbed the big 3 inch thick Bible I found at an Estate Sale and was determined to show this thing the Word of God.

With my Bible in hand, it took me 10 minutes just to approach it and it logo_bamsmackpow-comkept moving around my room and landing in awkward places.  But finally I hit it!!!

The insect fell as did the 3 inch Bible I hit it with and both landed behind my nightstand! So, I spent another 20 minutes dissecting the area but did find it, dead and lifeless, directly below where I hit it.  It matched the carpet to perfection which made it hard to see.

God-damn it.

So, it was dead and I was able to confirm to The Boy, said death, with a corpse and documentation.


I wasn’t about to pick it up with a tissue like it was a fly.  It had a stinger and could still have been playing dead.  Instead, I grabbed the vacuum and sucked that bastard up.

Crunch….crunch….crunch, it went and was gone.  Now, I was about 30 minutes late into starting my day but I didn’t care.  There was no way I was going to leave a Yellow Jacket, dead or alive, in my house.  It must die and die it did.

But he really must have been lost because there are no insects of that kind roaming around this time of year when it’s really cold.  He was doomed to die.

Frost…..bring on the Frost

My kid cracks me up sometimes.  As I was pulling out of my carport this morning, we both noticed at precisely the same time that my back window was outlined in pretty sparkling white frost just twinkling in the sunlight.  This was not surprising since it was about 25 degrees last night. (please remember…I’m from Sunny California where at this time of the year, it’s 70 degrees.)

We both announced our observation at the same time.

Sometimes, I adore how that kid and I are so closely connected especially mentally.  Probably more so than either of us realize.  Maybe that is why we frustrate each other a lot and argue a lot with each other but honestly, I don’t mind.  I just want to ensurethereporter-frostoncarwindow that I have a much different relationship with my child than I do with my own mother, no matter which direction of different it goes.

Because if he feels in ANY way the way I do about my mother, I’ve failed.

But regardless, Winter is Coming…..and we both can’t wait!

Look at the roof!!

Yes, let’s have a look at them.  I did. I looked up as The Boy yelled this to me while we were driving out of our apartment complex.  I’m thinking “oh my gosh…what is on the roof? A strange looking bird or a stuck cat???

Nope…it’s just frost…frost that could possible double as a thin layer of frosty snow on the roof tops.

So my California born kid was excited.

Most Beautiful Sunsets and Sunrises

I swear I have never seen such colorful and beautiful dusks and dawns.

First, was my morning where I just popped up at 5am and decided on coffee on my balcony, watching the sun rise.

Then a friend living just north of me, closer to the Oregon border, sent me this pic last night….



I am in awe of all this fresh air, the changing of colors on trees and beautiful skies.  I must remember to break out my Canon SLR and start shooting again. I miss doing my photography.

Driving in Idaho

I have found it very hard to take off my “must be ready for any asshole on the road” hat since I have been living in Idaho as opposed to poo-poo California.  People drive REALLY slow here.  I feel like no one here is in a rush to pick up a kid, get to work on time or make some appointment.  It’s this attitude of “if I get there, I get there….” that I so desperately want to embrace, but can’t.


Yes, this really is ANY time of the day in L.A.

 As much as I want to, I cannot get my mind wrapped around that attitude.  I’ve lived and been around to much of what you see in the picture to the right.  Every single person in every single one of those cars pictures is an A-1 prick with a 3+ ton killing machine in their hands.

But here….here, I get stuck staring at the butt of a Dodge 2 rear wheeler 4×4  with “howtobeacowboy.com” on it’s side and going 20 miles an hour on the freeway and I really can’t help but laugh.  And so I do, I laugh and say “if I get there I get there.”

Early morning in Idaho

Something woke me up at 5am, an un-Godly hour for me. I laid in bed staring at the wall for 30 minutes then decided on coffee.

As I was making it desired coffee, I realized this was my first early Idaho morning. I sat on the balcony in 50 degrees and my senses were telling me that this was a different morning cold that California.  The air is fresh, clean.  The sky is otherworldly.  It’s still dark but the it is a radiant navy blue to my right and turning lavender as the sun rises to my left. And I’m thinking this is why I’m alive.

And even as I finish this post, the sky grows a lighter purple, the stars disappear and my heart gets heavy again, realizing I’m sharing this with no one.

God did not intend humans to be alone but apparently He intended that for me.

Do what you love….

Dutch Bros

Do what I love? Do you really want me TO???

Today, my Dutch Bros. Coffee told me to “Do What you love…”

Well I love having sex!  Does that count?  I wished I could do that all day!  Or maybe it should say something along the lines of “Do what you love but make sure that you won’t get arrested for indecent exposure…”  That would probably be a more specific statement for my coffee to tell me.

By the way, Dutch Bros is the best #1 coffee on the planet. I gave up renewing my Gold Membership to Starbucks for filled up stamp cards to Dutch Bros. Yes that’s right…I turned my back on Starbucks.  Well, I do go still but definitely not as much. Besides, there is only like ONE Starbucks in the city I live in!  Well, two if you count the one in the Fred Meyers.  I love the Fred Meyers to!  I just love it here…PERIOD!

I am now an Idaho-ian


I am now in Idaho, have been here for 3 months now.  Found a job 3 weeks after being here.  I found an apartment 2 months after being here. I found a lover last week!  But that will be kept hush hush for now.

I love it here. So pretty. So green. Oh and the people don’t crowd you, cuss you out if you look at them wrong or try to kill you on the roads. I hate everything about California and I’m glad I took my son from there.

The only down fall is if there is a fire of any kind.  Boise and the surrounding cities are in this bowl of mountains.  The smoke really gets stuck down below.  I leave my windows open at night and the night before last, I woke up to the smell of a bonfire.  Apparently, a wood packing plant or something was on fire.  So it basically WAS a big bonfire.

But nonetheless, this was the best move I could have ever made and my only regret is not doing it soon, for my boy’s sake at the very least.  He likes his new school, making friends and not one complaint about a teach yet!

That is what matters.

Moving to Idaho, Done with California

Goodbye California

I am a native of California. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area.

I am moving to Boise, Idaho.

Why Boise and why the move?  Here is why:

  • Family and friends are there:

Yes, we have close friends of the family and actual family who live there.  That helps for getting to know a new place.  Also, my older sister live just a few hours away, in Montana. Win-Win!

  • My own family finally decided to make the move:

Finally…FINALLY! everyone is on board.  That makes things easier for me since my family is my help with things and as much as their personalities really rack my nerves, they are still blood.  Of course, the move wasn’t set in stone until my sister lost her job for the 2nd time in under a 2 year period and couldn’t find another and realized the neighborhood her condo is in is going down the crapper.  And she got a pretty little penny with the sale of her home….more than enough for a sizable down payment on a house in Boise that is bigger than her condo and plus a back yard and minus the drug dealers next door.  She’s sitting pretty and honestly, I’m happy for her. She’s been through a lot, owning a home here.

  • Cost of living:

Uh…obvious. California is no longer livable to those who are not a) super rich and b) super poor.  Meaning middle class gets the boot.  Just as one example, my 755 Sq. Ft. 2 bedroom apartment costs $1,557 a month.  From my research, on average, a 780 Sq Ft 2 bedroom apartment is about $780…..do the math.

  • Jobs….the lack thereof here and the overwhelming response to my resume in Boise

It really is unbelievable how my resume, received SO many responses and the same for my sister.  Here, they received nothing.  I’ve had responses from Boise PD (as a civilian clerk) and various law firms (legal secretary is my preference or back into a P.D.)  The funny thing is…the pay for some of these jobs, is just about the same as here in California.  That coupled with the lower cost of living would be phenomenal!  My sister got a response to her resume in Boise and they offered her the SAME amount as what she was getting paid here!  That really does say a world….no a universe of things.

  • Schooling and The Boy

I have the Boy to think about and luckily, he is all for this move.  Mainly it’s because Boise has an awesome ice Hockey program and great minor league there.  The scores on all the schools are really good.

Now I know there are downfalls and I’m sure we’ll run into them but I’m done living here.  What I find interested is that since this decision has finally been made and the wheels are turning for the move, things are literally falling into place, piece by piece.  My sister sold her house within a day of putting it on the market and she got the asking price.  I receive responses from many city jobs in Boise, especially the P.D.

I’ve hated it here for a while and I think a lot of living here has contributed to my stress and the stress contributed to my recent back and leg issues.  I am done with illegals taking over this state (yes, I said it…close the damn borders). I can’t even enjoy the places I used to in the past, such as Disneyland because people are just assholes.  Yes, I know, stupid people will be everywhere.  I’m not dumb to that.  And I’m done paying through the nose for an average life with people who just get handouts for free because they didn’t do it the right way.  I’m just done.